Monday, October 8, 2007

Feeling Kinda Puny

Since Friday, I've had an upset stomach. I don't know why... One of those things. A stomach bug, perhaps. Luckily enough, the Evil Twin was home from work today and was able to help me out with the baby and I got to rest a bit.

The more I think about it, perhaps there is something going around. When Sissy wakes up in the morning, we bring her into our room and put her in the middle of the bed, so we can snuggle with her and take our time getting motivated, too. She wasn't acting like she felt well on Sunday morning, so the Evil Twin put her back in her crib and she went back to sleep. When she got up about an hour or so later, I was in the kitchen getting ready to get her sippy cup of milk. She came up behind me and was kind of burping and coughing at the same time. I thought maybe she put something in her mouth (although we try to be very careful about small things laying around), so I patted her on the back and leaned down to try to look in her mouth.

She then proceeded to throw up a small bit of bile-looking fluid. She was turning around in circles, confused and scared, then she didn't throw up anymore, but she was still kind of dry heaving around. I was trying (terrible to say) to direct her to a hard floor surface instead of the area rugs. The first episode happened on the porcelain tile in the kitchen so clean up was a cinch.

Anyway, that one episode was it and she didn't feel hot or act like she wasn't feeling well after that. She seemed fine. I gave her juice instead of milk though - just in case. She was fine the rest of the day. So maybe that was her way of being sick and my way of being sick just involves the other end (TMI, sorry!).

I've got a really busy and stressful day ahead tomorrow and I dread it, big time. Wish me luck and maybe I'll survive to blog another night! LOL.


  1. Good call on the directional thing away from the rugs....a mom's gotta do what she's gotta do. I used to do the big pan beside the bed trick when the kids were old enough. Feel better, get some sleep.

  2. What a horrible thing for Sissy to go through. I'm sure she didn't know what to think about the whole experience.
    Good move on directing her toward the hard floor.
    When my son was little he got sick and vomited all over our bed, the couch, the carpet.
    It smelled for days no matter how much I cleaned...yuck.

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon.