Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Princess and the Pea

We got our new mattress and box springs today. They're nice, but I didn't realize how high it would be. It's got one of those "Euro-top" puffy thing, which makes the mattress a few inches higher than our old one was.

The good news is that now our sheets actually fit better! Yay! It seems like the only sheets available these days are the deep pocket ones or some such. Whatever they're called, they were kinda baggy on our old mattress, so I would just tuck them in as best I could and make do.

As we speak, the Evil Twin is down in our soon-to-be guest room putting the rails together for the old bed. I had the guys put the new stuff on the rails we already had in our room, since it was the same size. I've ordered some sheets for the guest room (on clearance from Linens n Things, but still nice sheets). Yeah, I could've used a set of sheets currently in rotation for our bed, but kinda wanted to offer our guests something new and not covered in our DNA - and yes, I do wash in hot water and I use the correct amount of detergent, but still...

It kind of reminds me of when I was pregnant with Buddy and a co-worker brought me a bag of maternity clothes. It was stuff she hadn't sold in their yard sale earlier. She told me to take what I wanted and give the rest to Goodwill. Inside the bag, I found 3 pairs of maternity undies with stickers on them, marked 10 cents. I'm sorry, but I was willing to pay full price for my own maternity panties. With Sissy, I wore regular britches the whole time - after realizing with Buddy that I carry the babies like a basketball anyway.

Ahem, back to the bedding.... Sure, my guests deserve something other than our dust mite catcher hand offs. I would even provide them with new panties and socks if needed. I'm generous like that.

I have two pillows and a comforter that I've Febrezed. The comforter is awaiting a new duvet, also ordered on Linens n Things clearance!

I mentioned to the Evil Twin that these next few nights will take some adjusting as we get used to our really tall bed - sort of like being in a hotel. Blech. But, the mattress IS super comfy and we'll be totally in love with it before long.

Oh, and after the delivery guys set it up and left, I laid on the middle of it and gave it the "squeak test" (bouncing around in various spots) and I'm happy to report that it passed with flying colors. No squeaks!


  1. nothing better than a squeak free bed and sheets that fit!

  2. I stopped by here after reading a post at Kenju's. Had to comment that having bought a couple of new beds after recently moving, I was so glad I had also purchased new sheets. These mattresses are so much deeper. I almost have to jump into bed at night.