Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fourteen Years

The Evil Twin and I celebrated our 14th Anniversary yesterday. Of course, we were out trick or treating, so we put off our anniversary dinner until this evening. We had a really nice time doing the trick or treat thing. We have friends who live a couple miles away and they have two boys. One is Buddy's age and they are best friends. Their other son is 5.

These friends like to "entertain" (that's code for drink) and I am all for that kind of entertaining. Another friend of ours had dropped off a bottle of champagne in honor of our anniversary when she dropped off goodie bags for the kids, so I took my champange and looked forward to the fun evening.

Usually, the mom of the wife comes to hand out candy, so we can all roam the neighborhood, drinks in hand and watch the kids. She's out of town, so the wife and I decided to babysit the legal beverages while handing out candy. The Evil Twin and the husband of the couple took their two and our two and hit the road for treats.

Buddy was a ninja and Sissy was the cutest little devil you've ever seen. She didn't officially trick or treat, but she rode along in her stroller so she could ber part of the whole activity.

Tonight, we went to Red Lobster for our special meal. It was good. We are all completely stuffed with shrimp (it's the endless shrimp feast).

Finally, a blast from the past. I wasn't able to scan this since the Evil Twin got his new computer, he needs to download a new driver to be able to use our scanner with it, so I just took a digital pic of a framed photo. Forgive the quality, but hey, I'm doing the best I can here. LOL:


  1. Uh, your husband? GOOD GOING!

    Happy Anni!

  2. Happy are lovely. Is there a post that tells why he is an evil twin? Because I have to say he looks pretty non-evil.

  3. You both looked great! No evil there...LOL

  4. Happy Anniversary.
    Dude, he totally has "im a thrasher" written all over his face

  5. Aw! Happy Anniversary! Mr. Nerd and I will hit #24 on Monday. (I was five when I got married...hee!) Anyway, may you have many more happy posts like this one!

    (Good lookin' couple there, ETW!)

  6. I'm with Tiff.

    Way to go!

    And getting married on Halloween?!

    I LOVE IT.

  7. Happy anniversary! May you have many more years of much-deserved worship and spoiling...

  8. You both look wonderful for a Halloween wedding couple! At least you didn't do the Frankenstien & Bride of Frankenstien thing. Can you imagine your future grandkids trying to explain their grandparents wedding photos on their blogs someday? ;)

    Happy Anniversary!