Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Made It!

Well, I survived the last two days with my wits still in tact. (barely). The Family Pizza lunch went by quickly. The design of the basket was a little slower, but it turned out beautifully! We received tons more donations than I had anticipated, and we wanted to showcase everything, so it was difficult to decide on placement of each produt. Our basket was the Bath & Body theme - the contents didn't have to be from one of the Bath & Body shops, but anything that connotates "spa" or "relaxation" fit the bill.

Thanks to the craftiness of our homeroom mom and her trusty glue gun, we had the prettiest (in my opinion) basket that was on display today. I got to the school by about 9:45 and there wasn't anyone there to tell me what to do or even where our game was. I called HR mom in a panic and she gave me the info. Our game was already set up, but I had never heard of it before so I was confused.

And this, my friends, I shit you not, our game was the Corn Hole Game. Apparently, this is big in Ohio and Kentucky and there is even an international Corn Hole game society. Ahem, when you know a lot of unusual people, like I do, you understand that the term "cornhole" has a pretty raunchy alternate meaning.

Anyway, thank goodness, a kindergarten mom came over to help me and we got the game rolling. I just made up rules as I really had no clue what to do. It worked though and the kids seemed to really like it. We had a line most of the time. Another fourth grade mom relieved me around noon-ish and I scurried over the concessions and got a slice of pizza. Then, I mingled a bit with the other families there.

I played the raffle - trying to win one of the baskets and also did the 50/50 - where you buy tickets and how much ever money is raised is split in half. If your name gets drawn, you get half the amount of tickets sold. I didn't win that, either. In fact, I have never won anything in any year. Once, Buddy did the cake walk and he won a cake. That was pretty cool.

I finally was able to leave the school at 2:30 pm and got home. It was such a pretty day, I decided we should get out and have some fun. We went to dinner and then to an antique shop. We wanted to visit the city park, but it's closed for the season. We went to a smaller park and Buddy declared it "More boring than watching a fly for 20 hours."

I don't know about that kid. He uses flies a lot in his metaphors. He once told me "My pencils are like flies. They hang around awhile and then disappear." I'm still pondering that simile. I hope I got that right - metaphors, similes, onomatopoeias.... My high school education is slipping away.

I hope you'll understand. I've got children. :-)


  1. I understand.

    I have to use when composing my posts.

    I'm convinced that having children sucks brain cells outta your head.

  2. Spell check is handy too....if I could just get hte cats to help with my bolg upkeep. Corn Hole game, huh? Is that better than the pie hole game?