Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

That's what I hear on the "dashboard" of blogger. Hum. Very interesting. I am exacly one year older than Earth Day and now, we have Blog Action Day.

I'm not exactly the recycling type - in fact, I do not recycle at all. Well, unless you count using used (but clean) foil more than once or twice. We did have new windows installed in August. They're the Low E/Argon Gas something or the other, cost a flipping fortune and supposed to save the planet type windows. The key points I heard were #1. Will save ME money in heating/cooling costs. #2. Easy to clean (the Evil Twin's fave feature, as I mentioned before) and #3. Tax credit on our this year's taxes for doing such a kindly save the earth gesture.

I have also bought a new, state of the art, really super impressive and energy star rated screen door. I think we all know the story on this little gem. I finally called Lowe's today to see if my new, properly measured door was in and was told YES, it had arrived only minutes before my call (maybe that's BS, but I was just happy to know it was in). Now, onto installation and those guys better be calling me tomorrow to set a date - sooner the better. I don't care if it's 3 am or 10 pm. I want my dang door.

Imagine my horror at having lived nearly a month without a screen door. My brand new custom made front door is still bright white, instead of the lovely Sherwin Williams red it should be. The Evil Twin is holding off on the paint job until after the screen door is installed. I certainly don't want any nicks or scratches on my door. Oh! And that door is supposedly energy efficient too. Yay, Casa Evil Twin!

I have decided to plant a garden this year (Spring), so I am reading up on that and I think I might start with carrots. My dad always had a great garden and always had surplus harvests. He did a variety of things, but mostly tomatoes, onions, cukes, green pepppers (not the bell variety), sometimes strawberries, or cabbage. He had lovely grape vines that flourished on the side of the yard. Neighborhood children were drawn to them like stink on poo. Daddy would always go out and tell them they were most welcome to any grapes they wanted. He would often also put a box of vegetables by the side of the yard with a FREE sign on them. The neighbors took advantage and there was never anything left in the box at the end of the day.

He and mom enjoyed their fresh vegetables and gave the Evil Twin and I loads all the time, too. More than even we could eat. I figured if I studied the books he had studied and really put some effort into it, I too could grow a carrot or tomato plant. Thank goodness that I did grab all his stuff from the garage related to gardening after my mom passed away (he went first, so after she died, the house and it's contents were mine and my brother's).

I still won't recycle, but if changing light bulbs will save me money, then I'll look into that!


  1. Recycling is SO easy here, and it makes me feel better about what I am doing to save the earth. I put all papers and cans and drink containers into a bin each week and put it out with the garbage for pickup on Wed. That's all it takes.

  2. It is actually easier to recycle in Maine.

    Soda cans, beer cans, bottles, etc go to the recycling center, where you get your 'deposit money' back. A nickel per can, a quarter per bottle.

    Things like paper and cardboard are also taken to the recycle center, but you get no money back. Just a place to take it - and no fine from the dump!

    I wish that Eastern NC was the same way, but they could care less here.

    The compact lightbulbs will save you money, but they aren't as bright.

  3. You really must recycle. Please. My New England-trained heart begs you to, even if there's not penalty for not doing so.

    Also? Start with herbs. simple simple simple, and they ALWAYS grow. Plus, if you put them in containers on your porch? Pretty!