Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We had our storm/screen door installed this morning. I love it! It looks great. I didn't get a picture of it yet, because I had to run out shortly after it was installed and it's been raining all afternoon since! At least it's cooled off a bit.

The door is the full view Larson with the retracting screen at the top. I have two windows in the den open, the screen down on the storm door, front door wide open and the ceiling fan on! Rain be damned. I'm going to enjoy this door before it gets too cold to really take advantage of its' benefits.

The Evil Twin tried to shut the door just a minute ago and I said NOOOO! He tried to explain to me that it's night time now, but I don't care! It's kinda muggy in the house. He said turn on the AC, but I think that makes it too cold. Why get the fake AC and higher bill when you can enjoy fresh air, for free?

The Evil Twin will be painting the exterior door this weekend and once the whole package is in place, we'll get pics along with the picture of my painting from my aunt and post those sometime early next week.

This is a short one, as I've still got things lined up this evening, but I had to shout out about my door (I've only been waiting since July! LOL).

Also, I have a friend on my April Moms yahoo group. She lives in Lake Arrowhead in So Cal. She and her family have already been evacuated from their home. Please keep her and all the So. Cal folks in your good thoughts. News reports from that area really look scary.


  1. We are FINALLY getting some awesome fall weather and have really enjoyed opening windows and letting the breeze in. Hope it moves your way!

  2. I can't wait to see the pictures!