Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Not Eating That

I've mentioned here before that I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian for 9 years (that means I ate nothing with a face, but I did eat eggs, cheese and drink milk).

I craved a regular taco - one not made with tofu - for the entire 9 years, but refused to give up my lifestyle choice.

I still like ordering vegetarian choices when we go out to eat, if I have that option. Of course, I also love Wendy's like a hobo loves wine. A single with cheese only is my downfall.

Well, yesterday, while shopping at the Mart, I went over by the deli section and saw a tasty looking "Southwest Salad". Figured it would be a good lunch and put it in my cart.

When I got home and opened it, I found several sketchy strips of grilled chicken on the salad. I would not have bought it if I knew it had chicken on it, but the chicken strips were covered by a packet of tortilla strips and a small container of pico de gallo.

I carefully picked out all the chicken strips. I don't care for chicken and I especially don't care for cold, grilled chicken.

Yes, the salad was in a cooler, but let's face it....That salad could have been sitting there for HOURS.

In my own personal interest of not wanting food poisoning - especially just days before my long awaited and much wanted surgery - well, I had no intentions of eating that dicey questionable chicken.

Instead, I broke off little pieces of the strips and threw them to Bella, so I could eat my yummy NO MEAT salad in peace.

It was quite tasty, but I was ready for tacos for dinner - real tacos, not tofu tacos like I used to eat. Yum!

I have just enough taco meat and one shell left over for a yummy lunch today! That is, if I have time for lunch today. It's not looking likely, but I shall try!

On a side note, I was looking for the Marketside Grab and Go sammiches, but all they had was chicken salad. Me no likey chicken salad, so I set my sights on the regular salads. Later, the Evil Twin informed me that the Grab and Go sandwiches had been recalled for listeria! Hope the cat doesn't get sick! (actually, they have much tougher stomachs than us mere humans and she seems fiesty as ever). Eeeek!

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!


  1. I love me some tacos. But for the past few months I have been craving fish tacos - like the authentic kind that you can only get in Southern California or Mexico.

    I think I am making tacos for dinner tonight.

  2. I dig good vegetarian meals, but tofu blooooowz. Cheers ETW!!

  3. Maybe I will make tacos too, no fajitas with steak! Thanks for the idea.

  4. Might I suggest a Southwest Grilled Chicken salad from's what I get when the kiddos want to eat there...and!

  5. I am pretty freakishly picky about store-bought meat. My husband bought some salami for our son's school lunches, and I just about barfed all over the kitchen when I opened the package. Two things I cannot stand are meats that have a strong smell and anything that has a sheen to it. Ick, ick and double ick.

  6. I'm the opposite. I won't eat anything that DOESN'T have a face. haha ;-)

  7. premade salads almost always disappoint. Hope the kitty doesn't get sick!

  8. I'm confused again. Doesn't it say on the pack that it contains chicken? But I've read about the recent scare where 700 million (is that right?) (dead) chickens have been recalled because of trouble at one of the producers.

    This poor animal. An Asian forest fowl minding its own business but has the misfortune of tasting nice and is ready in 8 weeks.

  9. What? Poor Bella is not the official food taster to ensure you're not poisoned??? I'm telling PETA and I'm sure they will send you a scathing e-mail! Or maybe send nude protesters to your house... hmmm... that's a good idea!

  10. cats and dogs can eat pure garbage and THRIVE! it's us people that are too week. We get the shits from NOTHING!

  11. Karen - Enjoy your tacos!

    Matt-Man - It's not bad if you know how to prepare it. Seriously! :-)

    RW - Hope your fajitas were the yum!

    Chandra - I love that salad, only with the crispy chicken. It's the price that discourages me from ordering it more often.

    Gigi - I'm picky about most foods. LOL.

    Jay - ROFL!

    Tiff - The salad was good, but I didn't want the chicken. Bella is fine!

    Barry - I read the label several times and never saw chicken strips listed. Then again, I need glasses. LOL.

    Ron - Oh, trust me, she usually gets a bite or two of whatever we're having!

    fattie20xl - SO true!

  12. Mmm, I made tacos yesterday!!!! They were unusually better then the ones I usually make. I got Old El Paso 'Hot and Spicy' taco mix, and they were delicious!

    Wal-mart salads are awesome actually. I'm not big fan of anything with pico de gallo, but I got the chef salad one day with chunks of ham, and it was very, very good and filling too! Incase you ever want a salad with HOT chicken on the go, McDonalds grilled chicken salad is actually really good, and the chicken is always just right.

    Glad you finally got your tacos! I like the new hair do too :D