Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coming? Going? I'm Just Not Sure

Buddy started school on the 20th and Sissy started preschool on the 25th. The Evil Twin drops Buddy off in the morning. Then, I have to take Sissy at 10:45 and pick her up at 1:55. Buddy gets out of school an hour later - and the schools are side by side, but I will not sit out there for an hour. Not only No, but HELL NO.

It's only a half mile from our house, so I just return home and then Sissy and I go out again an hour later.

It's kicking my butt! I feel like all I do is run back and forth. Today, I was actually able to drop her off and go to the Mart of Wal, get back home, have some lunch and still have a bit of time to myself!

Tomorrow, after I drop Sissy off, I have to go to my doctor's office for some blood work, then go to a different hospital for pre-admission. Lord knows how long all that will take. I hope it's less than 3 hours! LOL. (I'm having a partial hysterectomy using the robotic surgery, which is only a 24 hour recovery, as opposed to 4 - 6 weeks with the traditional surgery).

Maybe I'll get some down time after that.... I desperately need it. I'm actually looking forward to my 24 hour hospital stay. It'll be like a little vacation, with random bits of pain, I'm sure.

I hope they send me home with some good pain meds!

It's almost time to pick up Sissy, so I'm outta here.

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!


  1. Oh dear...when are you having your surgery? You will need some down time but I don't think a hospital stay is what I would call downtime...not with them poking and prodding every hour.

    Keep us updated!

  2. OMG! A robot doing surgery? It it like the Terminator, but nicer??? Good Luck with everything.

    I'm thinking they can give you pain pills and then a lighter prescription for everyone else in your house so they won't bug you as you heal ;-)

  3. Good luck with your surgery ! I hope your robot is handsome ((Hugs))

  4. That does seem like a LOT of running around. I am going to google the robotic surgery. I am fascinated by that.

  5. Chandra - Friday, Sept 3. I'll have the weekend to recoup.

    Ron - That sounds like a great idea!

    The Chick - Thanks! :-)

    Karen - It's called da Vinci Surgery.

  6. First of all, not only hell no, but make'em walk. Half a mile? Second, an hour? That's time to come home, have a few beers and take a nap! And make'em walk.

  7. Hope all goes well with the surgery and preparations.

    I know how fast the time a kid is in pre-school can pass. You will feel like a taxi driver for many years to come - and I'm sure most moms can attest to that!

  8. That's a lot of running! Yikes, I remember those days. Luckily mine are in 1st and 3rd grade in the same school now.

  9. If there were wine at the hospital I'd enjoy a stay too!

    A friend of mine just had the same (from what you're describing) surgery. But her time off was about ten days! She had a full hysterectomy though I think.

    Too bad Buddy and Sissy's schools couldn't let out more simultaneously. That would totally drive me bonkers. I hate running around.

  10. I looked forward to my hospital stay, when I had my 3rd baby. Seriously, I got a break from the other 2!!