Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun in the Sun

I suppose by last week's photo, y'all could deduce that we were at the beach. Yes, we stayed in a super sweet condo in North Myrtle Beach (Cherry Grove). We had stayed in the same condo one other time a few years ago and really loved it.

You open the sliding glass door and walk between the sea grass and dunes and there is the ocean. It was about 20 feet away! We love to sit on the patio at night and just listen to the waves and smell the sea air.

The condo has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms - sleeps six, so we invited our friends Inanna and her son to join us. The boys had the room with twin beds, we had the king size bed and Sissy slept with us. Inanna had a room to herself with a queen size bed.

We had a newly remodeled kitchen, fully stocked with all the cook ware we would need (if we didn't eat dinner out every night! LOL).

The Evil Twin brought his own beloved coffee pot from home, that's why there are 2 on the counter. Forgive the disarray - We just all kind of piled in and we all had a variety of electronic devices and junk, so stuff sat around where ever it was laid down! Trust me, the place was neat and tidy when we left. The dishes were clean, the counters wiped down with Clorox wipes, the trash was all taken out and the fridge was cleaned out.

We had the place rented from Saturday to Saturday. I booked it back in February because that was the only week left for that unit. Then, I find out that school was starting on Friday, the 20th. We had to leave on Thursday to make it home in time to get Buddy ready for his first day of 7th grade! That was fine, really, I think we were all a bit "beached out" by that time and ready to get back to our own homes.

If anyone wants more info on this awesome condo, just email me at and I'll send you a link to the realty company that rents it out.

Sissy starts preschool on Wednesday! She goes from 10:45 to 1:55 Monday - Thursday. She is SO excited. We met her teacher on Friday and there is an open house/orientation thing for tomorrow morning.

I will have 3 whole hours 4 days a week to clean house/run errands, etc.! Maybe I can actually take a day or so to read a book!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year and football season is upon us! It doesn't get any better than that!


  1. Wow starting school on a Friday? That blows! Lady H started school today. The first day of school is always so exciting.

    Glad you had a fun time at the beach!

  2. Sounds like an awesome week and awesomer weeks to come. I bet you won't know what to do with all the extra free time.

  3. The best family vacation we ever had was one where we spent a week at a beach house (San Diego).

    Welcome back!

  4. Lucky You. I am hating, we were not able to go to the beach this year and I missed it so. But I'm glad someone had fun.

  5. Looks like fun! I had my daughter's ballet teacher inform me a few weeks ago that my high school son's school started a week earlier than my daughter! Oooopsie...

  6. I was really hoping to get back to the beach before school started but it wasn't in the cards. We always like staying in condo type places cause we like to cook a lot.

    My kids go back to school tomorrow. And they're way more prepared than I am.

  7. I hope that preschool goes well. Seems like odd hours of the day for preschool.

  8. I'm glad the beach week went so well and that you all got home safely!

  9. Nothing like the sound of the ocean early in the morning. Cheers ETW!!