Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Got Lucky

Get your minds out of the gutter, pervs! No, I got to sleep in a bit this morning! I didn't have to make the Evil Twin's lunch and even though Sissy woke up early, she was happy to crawl in bed with me and watch cartoons, while I snoozed along.


The house was cool and it was a bit overcast this morning, so it was a perfectly perfect day to get a few extra winks.

Of course, when I got up - I was met with a myriad of problems.

We had a major storm here last night and the power was out for a while. Buddy has a friend over and his mom (one of my dearest friends) was over as well. Buddy got his laptop and his friend appropriated his mom's netbook and they sat on the couch, in the dark with candles lit, playing on their computers. (obviously, playing things that didn't require an internet connection).

It was actually fun to sit in the dark, even if the house was getting warmer by the minute.

I get up this morning, after my lovely, peaceful lay-in and the ceiling fan in the den won't come on. The fan worked, but the lights wouldn't come on. Called the Evil Twin at work where he instructed me to check the breaker boxes (yes, we have 2) and all was in order there. Then, he suggested I look for a switch or pull on the actual fixture itself - I pulled on the little chains and voila! The lights came on. Whew!

Then, as I'm doing my normal morning activities (opening the blinds, taking my pills, getting cup after cup of ice water - hey, I'm thirsty in the morning - I notice that BOTH of my tomato cages are knocked over. In fact, one was completely off of the plant and the planting area. I go out and upright the cages, look for plant damage (none noticed, at least not yet) and tried to get them both straightened up like they were the day before. Le sigh.

I need to get out there and trim one back a bit - if I can find a moment that it's not hotter than the devil's nutsack with swamp ass inducing humidity and that opportunity has not presented itself yet.

Excuse me while I try to get my heart rate down a bit....

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!


  1. Good luck trimming your bush... err... plant. Had some big boomy storms up here too.

  2. You guys have all the fun up there. My tomatoes are doing great although I have not seen any flowers yet. The bell pepper has a couple flowers that have just fallen of so the peppers should soon be coming out.

  3. Any kind of power outage around here would be a freaking disaster.

    Sleeping in would be nice though.

  4. Ron - It was crazy here. I was worried we'd lose power overnight...

    Shiny - I have one teeny green tomato and lots of flowers. My jalapeno plant is doing great!

    Jay - we don't have many power problems (whew), but it is nice to hog the bed all to myself! :-)(unless you count sharing w/ a 4 yr old and a kitten).

  5. did Belle fair through all that thunder?

    Glad to hear the tomato plants are ok..all that time and energy you have put into them didn't go to waste because of a storm!

    I know all about that heat and humidy. Ugh. Can't believe I am going to say this but...bring on the Fall weather!

  6. This years' humidity has been horrible on our side of the world. Don't venture out, hunker down in the AC !

  7. Ugh, that's terrible, no power and it being so hot. Just ugh. Glad you got some sleep, though.

  8. "Get your minds out of the gutter, pervs!"

    Na, I sort of like it down here.:)

  9. I;m not happy to know that your weather is as bad as ours...:-/

  10. Okay the ceiling fan dilemma was funny, as I do things like that all the time. And I also loved your description of the hot weather there.