Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to School Shopping

My dear friend, her son, Buddy, Sissy and I are making a road trip to Huntington today to get some new school clothes for the crotch rockets. Middle School starts August 20th here and preschool starts on the 25th.

We all plan on being at an undisclosed location at an undisclosed time frame between now and then, so it's time to step up the back to school stuff. I hate being all last minute on things and rushing around like a loon.

I'm sure there will be some of that going on, but I like to plan ahead as much as possible.

So, we're off in an hour or so to do SOME SHOPPING!

I hate spending money, but the chil'ren needs some new clothes and shoes.

If you use my Amazon link, you can help us buy clothes and shoes for our young'uns. We are a one income fambly, you know? LOL.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I still have no Friday secrets OR mystery photos. What is up with that?

If I don't get anything, I'll just post something else on the slate. If I manage to gather enough secrets for a post, I will post them on a Friday in the future.

Enjoy your Thursday, hooligans! I know I will!


  1. If you use my Amazon link, you can help us buy clothes and shoes for our young'uns. We are a one income family, you know? LOL

    And if you want to send me money directly it will help me buy clothes 'cause I am a one-income family too ; )

    IL is having their first ever (I think) tax holiday beginning tomorrow and ending on the 15th of August. There is a 5% reduction on sales tax for all "school related" items - clothes and supplies primarily - but every little bit of savings helps!

    Have fun on the Back to School excursion.

  2. ..and for this I'm glad I have two boys. You buy them some t-shirts and a couple pair of shrots and shoes and backpack and they are set..eazy peazy. :)

    I don't know about you but I don't spend to much to start the school year, it's still HOT so I buy just enough to get them by until Fall...THEN I buy the majority of their clothes. Jeans, sweaters, long sleeve shirt, that sorta things.

    Good luck shopping today! Pick yur'self up something nice while yoru at it! :)

  3. I'm lucky cause my parents always help with back to school. And Not-So-Ex's parents normally chip in too. All those uniforms plus shoes and buying new socks to replace all the ones that just mysteriously disappeared last year... That's a lot of stuff! But I'm lucky that both the kiddos are super easy to buy for.

  4. Um...I am a no income family right now!

    But back to school shopping is fun. I always loved it as a kid.

  5. How did I miss an entire day??? Hope the back to school shopping was a fun experience for one and all ;-)