Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Secrets

I received 2 secrets for this week's installment. But - they're GOOD ones!

1. I have never received a blow job. None of my girlfriends have ever been comfortable with it and they've all be grossed out by it. That is why I love watching the blow job section on porn websites. Someday I'll get one and I'm just getting ready....

2. The woman who does the weather forecast during the noon news is sexy and I masturbate whenever she is on.

Casa Evil Twin is all abuzz right now. All good stuff, but busy! I plan on being obnoxiously drunk for the next few days, so who knows what I'll have to say! Hee hee.

Back to my busy day, hooligans! Have a fuck-tastic Friday!!!


  1. Holy need a blow job!I can't believe nobody has ever done that for very sad. YOu need to go get liquored up and just have some random girl do it for you!

    #2...I guess you could say "a storm is 'coming' in...hahahahah!

  2. #1-I'm sorry, that does not compute. I know there are many women that do not give blowjobs but I think there are many more who do. Do you live in the Bible belt or only date Mormons by any chance?

  3. Geeesh #2 who doesn't masturbate to the weather girl.... or newsgirl... or random women in commercials... or advertisements in the mail.....

  4. #1 - I really hope you are young, very very, young - even my sister, who thinks they are yucky, give her man one on his birthday and Christmas

  5. #1 That is just wrong! Like The Chick said, I hope you're just very young, otherwise you are seriously missing out. *Some* women really enjoy giving head - find one of those 'cause I can guarantee you'll love it.

    #2 That's interesting to know... I mean, it just never occurred to me. Ha! I love Chandra's comment about a storm "coming" in! snort!

  6. or when it's really windy outside... or when some woman on the street looks at you.... or if you think you see a woman, but you didn't.....

  7. one day i will have the balls to send you one of these...

    one day..

  8. #1 - Dude - you are soooo missing out.

    This reminds me of a little ditty I could send in some time . . .

  9. So, were you obnoxiously dunk all weekend?