Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gearing Up for Pre-K

Sissy's first day of preschool is tomorrow. But this morning, there was an open house/orientation for the new kiddos and parents. I pretty much knew what to expect, but seeing as how this is the public pre-K program as opposed to the private pre-K we had Buddy in, there are some differences.

#1. No outrageous monthly tuition!

#2. But there will be a bill for lunches. (not a big deal).

#3. It is a mix of pre-K students and head start students (head start is a program for low income families). Because of the head start students, they make "home visits" at each students' home. The Evil Twin said, "Not only NO, but HELL NO. They will not enter my home." I kind of understand where he's coming from, but we have a nice, clean home and aren't hiding anything...still, I've been warned to not ever, never, ever let them in.

#4. If it is my child's birthday, I am not allowed to send store bought or home made cupcakes in. I CAN send a favorite book or toy. (WOOT). That's real special. Public schools = concern over childhood obesity in WV.

#5. School is M - Th 10:45 to 1:55 (we got the afternoon class, which is what I wanted anyway - the morning class starts at 7:25 and we are generally not even awake at that time). Private preschool was just MWF from noon to 2:30. At least I get an extra hour (and an extra day) to run errands or shop.

Luckily, the Evil Twin will drop Buddy off at his school in the AM. Buddy gets out at 2:55, so thankfully, we only live half a mile from both schools. They are side by side. I can pick up Sissy, run back home in 5 minutes, then go get Buddy at 2:55.

I'm excited for Sissy - she is very excited herself! I just hope she realizes that I'm not going to be staying tomorrow. We've talked about that over and over, but I don't know that she fully understands that MOM does not hang out for pre-school.

Here's the thing: I think she may be the only girl in her class. But, she is mean as a stripped snake and can hold her own. She was also taller and bigger than any of the other children I saw this morning, so I'm sure she'll be ruling that class with an iron fist in a day or so.

Let's face it, when you have to go toe to toe with your 8 years older brother, you quickly learn how to speak up for yourself! LOL.

I have seen her brow beat even 12 year old Buddy down, so that he just complies with her wishes. Too funny!

So, say a little wish that tomorrow goes well as I drop her off for her FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!


  1. I have always heard that girls with brothers are always tougher than those with none.
    I always wanted a brother!!

  2. So cool! She will do awesome! I know you are excited, but do think you will be a little weepy tomorrow to see you little one go to school?

  3. Hope she has a GREAT day tomorrow!!

  4. LOL... Yay for Sissy!! That first day is exciting, it's the next decade where they get a little grumpy about getting up for school.

  5. Kenju - And because of the age difference, these 2 go at each other almost constantly. She gives him as much crap as she gets from him! Haha!

    Karen - I cried like a baby for Buddy, but I'm not worried about Sis. She is a Type A all the way and very bossy! :-)

    Chandra - She almost can't stand herself while waiting!

    Ron - You got that right. They're all gung-ho at first, but that fades by 2nd or 3rd grade! ;-)

  6. First day of school is so exciting.

    My son loved it from day one, never even cried once at drop-off and he such a cling-on I expected him to have a fit. My little missy who has been little miss "by myself!" made the brave I won't cry face but failed miserably. For two weeks. I felt like I was sending her off to a torture chamber every day. Thankfully she grew to love it but it took a while.

  7. I guess using the theory that "girls with older brothers are tougher". My princess will be BAD ASS. Anyways, enjoy your break from the kiddos!

  8. I'm with ET. No reason to let them into your house. If they come in looking for problems they WILL find something. That's their job.

  9. Congratulations, Sissy! I hope you have an AWESOME first day!

  10. Awww I bet she turns w/ a wave and a "bye mom" and doesn't think twice! She's a tough cookie! Have a great first day of preK Sissy!