Friday, August 6, 2010

It Rides My Nerves With Spurs

I don't know what it is, but everyone in my family seems to think that I am the "knower of all things". While I appreciate their votes of confidence, it can be quite irritating at times.

For example, if someone asks me a question and I say, "I don't know.", it truly means "I don't know." Rephrasing the question and asking again won't change the answer. I still don't know.

It's not like I am purposely withholding knowledge in my brain from anyone. It simply means: I'll have to look into it and possibly rely on Google to find your answer, so hold your horses.

Yesterday, while shopping, Buddy asked me a question about the Harry Potter book series. Now, I've read all the books, but I'll be damned if I can recall every title in order. That would be like asking me to translate the titles into Greek.

I read the books for entertainment and enjoyed every one, but I did not commit the titles to my all ready overloaded brain. It's the Harry Potter series. That's all I needed to know.

To be honest, I'm not even sure how many books have been released. I heard book 7 would be the last and I'm fairly sure it's already been out and is in my bookcase downstairs, but I'm far too lazy to walk down there and find out.

So, Buddy was badgering me with the Harry Potter questions and I finally said, "Buddy, if I say 'I don't know' the first time, it stands to reason that I don't recall the title to book 5 either. I don't say 'I don't know' if I truly do know. I could be a wicked Jeopardy champ, but there ARE a few things your mama DOES NOT KNOW off the top of her head."

As I've said before, my head houses 3 and 3/4 brains: Mine, Buddy's, Sissy's and 3/4s of the Evil Twins.

And now, I have even more on my plate. Remember I mentioned my super semi part time job for my boss I worked for before Buddy was born? That's classified information, but then I was asked to do his grocery shopping (long story). That's no big deal because I shop for him while I do my own shopping. Lately, I was informed he fired his housekeeper, so I'll be doing that as well. It's more money, so that's cool, but also one more thing to squeeze into the schedule. So, now, how many brains do I have??

It will be so much easier when the kids are in school! And time rolls on....


  1. There are never enough hours in the day or enough brain cells in my head!

  2. But moms are supposed to know it all, right?! Tell Buddy to get his butt on the computer and Google it! Or better yet get the books off the shelf and look at the publishing/copyright date.

  3. I'd suck at being anyone's housekeeper! LOL

    What cracks me up is when my kids think I know ALL when it comes to video games. I mean, I am horrible at them! And they question me like I'm all knowing. Have they never seen me play?

  4. "Order of the Phoenix"...5th book in the series. I only know that cause Bear is, well HUGELY into Harry Potter right now. We own all the books, actually bought for my husband to read, which he did. We LOVE the movies too! A couple of Saturdays ago it was soooo freakin HOT that we had a HP Marathon and watched all 6 epidodes in one weekend. It was FUN!

    Anyway..I never admit I don't know everything..I just admit to not knowing ALL! ;)

  5. my kids think i don't know anything... and can't cook. lol.

    my bf comes around... and he's great at everything...

    oh well..

    ill just be the mean mom.

  6. Here's to some extra money!!! Yay... the extra work part sort of suck though...

  7. My kids do the same thing, until I finally have to yell, "I DON'T KNOW!" before they'll leave me alone.

  8. Housekeeping? Boy, and here I thought you were going to RELAX while Sissy is in preschool...

  9. Hah, you make me laugh! I'm the go-to person for useless trivia too, and damn, people get really pissy with me if I don't have the answer. and like you say, its like they think I'm withholding information.

    Yeah, you a busy girl, hope you can still fit in the odd glass of Merlot?

  10. I'd tell you how to handle this problem but I ...... (you know).

  11. I totally get this at home too. But remember.. "The keeper of all the household and beyond knowledge is the one with the power!"