Monday, August 9, 2010

My Awesome Sunday

Fellow blogger Kenju was in town this week and we had arranged to meet up on Sunday, along with Buzzardbilly and The Blonde Goddess (I'm not linking them, because they are both kinda on hiatus right now). Same set up as last year. :-)

So, Buzzardbilly planned on picking up BG on her way to the meeting place. Only her car battery died. BG went to pick up BB, and when she got there, HER car battery crapped out too. What're the odds?

It ended up being just me and Kenju and while we missed our other partners in crime, the two of us had a grand time chatting and catching up. We each had a sweet tea, then ordered Hot Fudge Cakes! Yum! Of course, my mystery lactose intolerance acted up later after I got home, but it was worth it.

I completely gave up caffeine about a month ago, but I do enjoy the occasional treat of a sweet tea, so I was really wound up after that tea! It was sooooo delicious, though.

After our meeting, I had to swing by my ex/new boss' house to drop some things off to him and then headed back home.

A classmate of mine called later - she had a parakeet she had bought for her son, but he didn't show much interest in the bird and she has been experiencing some health problems, so she wondered if we wanted the bird. Yesterday evening, Buddy and I drove out to her house and picked up the loveliest yellow GIRL parakeet I've seen. We named her Lovey. She and Apple are in separate cages, but side by side and they are very interested in each other. I'll wait a while before I try to house them together in the bigger (Apple's) cage.

The kids are thrilled with the new pet. Miss Bella is also very intrigued! LOL. She spends a lot of time checking them both out and "chittering" at them. (that's code for a type of "cat talk" when they see weaker little critters).

I'll be working with Miss Lovey to attempt to hand train her. Her wings are clipped (which offers them only limited flight), so I should be able to at least perch train her in a few days.

The visit with Miss Kenju and getting our new birdie were the highlights of my weekend!

I'm off to grab this Monday by the balls and show it who's boss!

Happy Monday, hooligans!


  1. Yay for Lovely!! I betcha Apple's saying, "How you doin!?!" in parakeet to her...

  2. Ron - It's Lovey (like Mrs. Howell from Gilligan's Island) and the Evil Twin and I were joking about the "How you doin'??" I really think he is!!! LOL.

  3. Meeting blog friends is fun!

    And I was thinking the same thing you guys were. Apple trying out all his best pick up lines on Lovey. haha

  4. I love blogger meets ! Meeting Cute Ella and SoLow was awesome ! Glad you had a great time.

  5. My name is Monday today!!! RATDLMAO

    Good you got to meet Kenju. It would have even been better to BB and BG there but fate has a cruel hand in things when we plan to have a good time. Maybe, I will get up that way sometime soon.

  6. Aw, thanks, ETW! I had a great time chatting with you and the fudge cake was definitely worth the calories and the LI - which I have also.

    It's too bad that BB and BG couldn't join us, but next time we'll plan it so it can't fail!

  7. Awww Lovely. What a lovely name. You seem to really be great pet owners and if I was an animal I would wish to live at your house. Unless I was a squirrel of course.