Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm A Walking Pharmacy!

After I arrived home on Saturday (the day after my surgery), I took a shower and got dressed in real clothes. Something happened - I'm not sure what - but the incision on the right side started oozing a bit of blood.

It wasn't excessive or anything, so I just put a medium sized Band-Aid pad on it and kept checking it.

There was very little blood loss and nothing "unusual" looking, so I waited to call my doctor on Tuesday morning. I got a call back later in the day from his nurse that they were calling in a prescription for antibiotics and that I'm to clean the area with hydrogen peroxide. No big deal.

I just need to toss in a few more pills a day for a while. I really don't care, if it means I won't have some sort of crazy infection.

I'll just keep on keeping on. That's my MO. I'm a trooper.

I've also weaned myself down to only 1 Oxycodone a day. I take my one very early in the AM when I get up to use the restroom, then go back to bed, so I sleep most of it off. Those things make me sleepy and itchy - especially my face.

But, I feel better and better every day. I have not had the night sweats once since the operation! I'm not sure if that's normal or not, but I sure do like it!

I have to get off here, get a shower and be ready for my daily errands. :-)

I'm just SO happy! (which just proves the uterus is an evil entity - Damn Eve for eating that apple!) LOL.


  1. If you have any oxy's left, I'd be happy to take them off your hands. Cheers ETW!!

  2. I keep trying to donate my uterus to someone who needs a working one since I'm done with it, but the doctors said they don't do that - YET ! Seriously I really don't need it anymore ! Glad your feeling better, keep on resting XXX

  3. I was wondering when/if someone would offer to get some hydro from you. Leave it to Matt- Man lol. Anyways, so glad you are feeling so great. What an inspiration! After 4 kids I wanna kick my uterus to the curb too.

  4. My uterus is also closed 4 bizness!!! My husband keeps asking, 'what about #4?'...My reply, 'that's not funny.' Sooo done!

  5. Save those Oxycottons for a rainy day or special occasion ;-)

    Glad you got rid of that evil little critter! How dare it cause you so many problems!

  6. So glad you are feeling well! Is it terrible that if I could talk my doc into it, I would do it! I'm done with it, just take it out.

    Feel better. Take it easy when you can!

  7. Oh I know the itchy face! Glad you are feeling better. You really are a trooper!!

  8. Geesh, I wish mine were that're making me look like a wheenie!

    Glad all is well...even though you are feeling good remember to REST!