Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy As A Clam!

Actually, I never really understood that saying. Are clams really all that happy? Well, if they are then I am just as happy.

I went in the hospital Friday morning. Found out my surgery had been pushed back an hour (instead of noon, I was scheduled for 1P). Ah, one more hour of starving and dying from thirst. I wasn't allowed to have food or water past midnight the night before.

The no food part didn't bother me as much as the no water part. I don't know how many ounces my cup holds, but I drink at least 4 of them with ice every morning before I can even think about getting moving for the day. I brushed my teeth and swished some water in my mouth, but that didn't really cut it.

They got me set up in a holding area - the Evil Twin and Sissy came back for a bit then took my clothes and shoes back home. I had packed up a backpack of things the night before, so I just told them to put the stuff in the backpack and that was what I would wear home the next day.

Finally, I was wheeled to another holding area where I got an IV line started, spoke to the anesthesiologist, spoke to a nurse about what to expect and finally, spoke to my doctor, who signed off on the paperwork.

Shortly thereafter, I was wheeled into the OR for the fancy da Vinci robotic hysterectomy procedure. The doctor sits at a console and directs the robot arms to do what needs to be done. Once the uterus is free of the other things it's attached to, the robotic arms shove it down. It comes out the hooha and then onto pathology! Cool, huh? Hopefully, my doc took pics and they'll be in my file when I go in for my 6 week follow up.

When I woke up, they told me my ovaries looked good, so he left those! Yay! (he had said previously that he would only take them if they looked bad). After an hour or so in recovery, I woke up, well, kinda. They were still waiting to get a bed in a regular room for me. I just kept going in and out. The nurse did offer me a cup of ice and it was SO GOOD! I clung to that cup of ice like a monkey on its momma.

Finally, I got a room and they parked the gurney outside the door. I was in bed 2, which meant bed 1 was closest to the door and I was closest to the window in back. They asked if I could walk, I said "Sure!" and I did. I got right up and walked to the hospital bed. The nurses got me all situated and comfy. Someone (I'm sure it was an angel) brought me a huge plastic cup filled with ice and water.

They had inserted a catheter after I had been knocked out in the OR and didn't even realize it! So, I drank as much water as I could hold!

Every now and again, a nurse would drop by to put some pain meds in my IV, so I was in and out of it most of the evening. I did, however, ask that the catheter be removed, so I could get up and use the rest room myself.

I had NO pain, whatsoever. I was (and still am) sore, like I just did 400 situps or something. But, pain? Nothing. I have four tiny (inch long) incisions on my abdomen. Plenty of bruising and I would add a picture, but it's scary looking, so I'll spare you.

The next morning (Saturday), my doctor came to check on me and said if I could eat solid foods and keep it down, I was free to go! I had a yummy breakfast around 8:30, still felt great and the nurse started on my discharge paperwork. I was back in my own home by 11:30A!!!

I've had a minimal amount of spotting after peeing, but that's it. No heavy lifting, sex (sorry TMI) or tub baths for 6 weeks, but I can drive and go about my normal routine as I feel up to it.

I was sent home with a script for Tylox (Tylenol 4 w/codeine), but the pharmacy substituted Oxycodone instead. It staves off the soreness when it gets to the uncomfortable sore stage - which almost never happens.

The da Vinci robotic surgery can be applied in many other surgeries, not just hysterectomies and I would highly encourage any one facing abdominal surgery to look into it and see if it's right for you. (and no, I'm not getting paid to say that - it's just THAT much easier than a traditional abdominal surgery - and I should know, I've had 2 c-sections and one laparotomy (c-section like cut, but not cut into the uterus).

I've just been kinda taking it easy for a few days now. I hope to be back to my old routine in a week or so! I am SO glad I had this surgery.

I'm offa here for more R&R.

Happy Labor Day Monday, hooligans!


  1. Wow medicine sure is amazing isn't it!! I am so happy everything went well and that you are feeling good! Also bonus that they left your ovaries. Does that mean you won't have to take hormones?

    Again I'm so glad everything went so well!

  2. Glad you are doing so well. Just be sure to not over do things, you don't want a setback. Have fun resting!!

  3. Glad it went well. I am having 2 wisdom teeth out on Friday...hoping for not too much drama afterward! Have a restful day!

  4. Just to clarify Tylox is tylenol with oxycodone. Your pharmacy substituted a generic product.

  5. It's really amazing what modern science can do. Glad you're doing well after your surgery.

    And you might make some money off those pills if you want. LOL ;-)

  6. Glad to read that you;re doing well! Bummer about the no recreational activities for 6 weeks, but considering the uterus's exit strategy, I totally understand.

    Just get ET an extra tube of astro glide or something.

  7. Vinomom - No, I won't have to take hormones (not yet, anyway).

    Ron - I hope you are taking your own advice as well! :-)

    Gigi - I think you'll do fine. You'll want to have some soft foods on hand, and take your meds as prescribed. :-)

    WS - We have new insurance, so I figured that was the case, but I had always had the Tylox in the past (old insurance).

    Jay - I know, I could probably really beef up our savings account, but I think I'll hold onto them for emergency situations. LOL.

    BikiniFool - ROFL!!

  8. So glad you are feeling better and so happy you got to keep your ovaries. I am pretty sure they are good for hormones that you need and stuff like that. I am also a little impressed that they shoved the uterus out your lady parts. Almost like giving birth. ;-)

    Keep resting.

  9. Glad to hear it went well. Cheers and Happy Healing ETW!!

  10. Karen - I'm also happy I kept the ovaries (means no hormone replacement therapy!). Both of my babies were c-sections, so at least I "gave birth" to something! LOL.

    Matt-Man - Thanks! No more flooding basements for me! :-)

  11. Glad to hear it all went well and that you are happy with the surgery. My wife had same surgery but with the big incision, she was hurting for quite a while after, but is glad she did it as well. It all makes me glad that my plumbing isn't so complex.

    Hope six weeks turn out to only be three or four!

  12. Glad to know that you are doing well. Thanks for all the info also.

  13. Glad you're doing well and you sound relieved that it is all over.