Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello, Monday (my NOT friend)

I feel like there was no weekend at all, but we DID have a lovely time hanging out with a good friend we haven't seen in a while on Saturday night. I guess that just eclipsed the entire weekend, because it was that great (the visit, that is).

The Evil Twin woke me up this AM at around 6:40. I woke Buddy up, fixed his cereal and then got on task to make the Evil Twin's lunch.

Lately, he has been enjoying the Hillshire Farms pastrami. Just smelling it makes me want to "lose" my lunch - even if it's prior to breakfast when I smell it.

That shit just does not smell right. I know many people adore pastrami. Bella The Cat loves pastrami. ETW won't even try the pastrami because it smells weird.

I wanted to get back in bed soooo much, but no! Here comes Sissy asking if its time to get up. I say, "No." but she just makes herself at home on the couch. :::Sigh:::

The boys leave for work/school (that means the Evil Twin and Buddy head out the door for their respective destinations) and I wish them a good day, etc. etc. Then it's shower time.

There are many moms who show up to the preschool drop off wearing PJ pants (we're talking 10:45A here), but I show up fully showered, made up, wearing my Vera Wang shoes and I GET DIRTY LOOKS!

Hell, even my four year old stated "Mommy, you look stylish." Why, thank you for that, because apparently, I am a target for scorn for others.

I hope I never fit in.


  1. Good for you! I hate it and I mean HATE IT when women drop their kids off at school looking like slobs. I know it happens, but all it really takes is a little effort to make yourself look like a human being!

    Oh...and bonus points on the Vera Wang shoes. Nice. :)

  2. You are cool... only the really cool parents get dirty looks no matter how they look... everyone is jealous!!

  3. Thank goodness for that! One of my biggest pet peeves are girls/women who wear their pajama bottoms out and about. I mean, do they actually think it looks good or makes them look cool? NO! It just makes them look lazy...Not to offend anyone but 'trailer trash' comes to mind.

    I didn't want to get out of bed either, every window in my house was open and it was 45 degrees when I woke up...c,c,c, cold!

  4. Do you like corned beef? Corned beef & pastrami are seasoned similarly.

    Those looks from the lazy slobs? They're blaming you for making them feel guilty about their wardrobe choices.

    Sissy's got it right. You're stylish!

  5. Wow! This bothers me, but only because the "judgment" seems to go both ways - you judging them for "wearing PJ pants (we're talking 10:45A here)" to drop of their kids and you being judged for "show[ing] up fully showered, made up, wearing my Vera Wang shoes."

    Really? Does it matter either way??

  6. Nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. Or not, as is your whim. :)

  7. And here, ETW, is where we're different! LOL My boys get up, drag me out of bed, and I throw on anything that may be in the vicinity and get them where they're going. Although I do generally have the decency to refuse to get out of the car. In my case, matching PJs of any sort would be an upgrade! LOL

  8. Well ladies, I adorn both suitable attire and once in a blue moon when Im lucky PJ's :) When dropping off my kids.
    I too had a ROUGH weekend and awoke this morning to rain and no electricity, let me tell you it was hard to get up and going so I sympathize.

  9. Some mornings I don't even get dressed at all, just drive right thru the drive thru window for breakfast. You wanna talk about getting dirty looks!!! ;-)

    Pastrami = YUM!

  10. "Mommy, you look stylish." From the mouths of babes, you go Sissy. Let 'em give you the look, just smile and wave. (remember to use all 5 fingers)

  11. Your judgement of the PJ-clad moms saddens me.

  12. Ah, consider the source of that scorn.....LOL

  13. I don't even own anything Vera Wang but I can promise you I've never left my house in my pjs. That is a personal pet peeve of mine. You go girl!

  14. I'm in the middle. I show up in jeans or shorts to pick up my son (assuming I haven't come straight from work). Some moms who I know don't work outside the home show up in a skirt. I am SO not a "wear a skirt for no reason" sort of gal.

    Of course, I don't think I have ever gone anywhere in my pajamas as an adult...