Friday, September 17, 2010

What Is This?

We live on a little dead end piece of road, but at our location, we can see the road that runs perpendicular to ours.

So, there is a house I see out my kitchen window every day. Lately, there has been a new development over there:

They have been doing some tree removal activities, but what is with all the trash cans? Trash pick up day is Thursday. This picture was taken on Thursday evening - our trash service is not only the BEST around, but they also arrive very early in the morning.

This "mystery pile" is still out there today. Only, the trash can on the right is now on the "mystery pile" as well. I was too lazy to go out and take more clandestine photos earlier. But, really? Do I care? She works during the day and I'm here being all Mrs. Kravitz and junk.

These people should be THANKFUL for my nosy nature. They're less likely to be robbed or whatever if I have the watchful "neighborhood patrol" eye on them on.

Yeah, that's my story!


  1. It looks like maybe someone (husband, kids) is supposed to be cleaning up that stuff and someone (mom) put a bunch of trash cans there to remind them.

  2. if my mom put out cans like that for me? i'd be an orphan.


  3. Oh Jay! He is so insightful. Love how he's made up the whole story in his mind. I totally agree with him. Hell if my RA (resident asshole) leaves his clothes in the dryer, I throw them suckas in the yard! So his Jay's explanation makes sense.

  4. I'm betting there is a body under that brush and they plan on burning that "yard waste" later this weekend. Make sure they don't see you taking any pics...

  5. hahahaha! i'm the same way. my main windows face the yard and houses or a few neighbors and since i'm always doing dishes or laundry, it seems that i'm always looking out the window, so i know too much of what's going on. i feel like a desperate housewife :-)