Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Secrets September 10

I received a few secrets this week - and, as always, they are worth taking the time to reflect upon and read. I appreciate people taking the time to email me and I hope that by "getting it out there", it also helps them to get some peace or to just let it go or whatever it is they need to walk away from these secrets.


2. While enjoying the hot tub one night, the wife & I decided going sans bathing suits.  Somehow, the subject of 'hair maintenance' came up.  During this discussion, I distinctly remember being dared to do a little 'manscaping'.  Not being one to turn down a reasonable dare, I got down to business the next day.  Not being a really hairy guy to begin with, when it came to deciding on just where the border should be it was easy to justify taking it all off.

My wife's reaction was one of surprise.  She had no recollection of making the dare which was a testament to, well, a whole different issue.  Unfortunately, the reaction I was hoping for (way more white hot monkey sex sessions) has not come to pass, yet.  It hasn't enticed her into doing a little bushwacking either.  In any event, I kinda like the condition and rather than let everything grow back, I've been maintaining the bare skinned look.  All I can say is, make sure you use a sensitive skin variety having cream.  Dry shaving, even in the shower, leads to discomfort.

(Yes, I realize this would make a lovely mystery pic.  You'll just have to be patient while I work up the nerve to share.)

3. I'm actually glad our sex life isn't as much a major part of our relationship as it once was... the sex is still great but I'm thankful to have my best friend back.

4. Here's a funny one for you:

Years ago, I was dating a guy and decided to move in with him.  About 2-3 weeks into our cohabitation, I woke up one morning realizing I was pissing the bed!  I was having a dream that I was sitting on the toilet, and apparently the dream was a little too realistic.  Luckily it was on my side of the bed, and I was able to hide it until he got up - then I changed the sheets. 

And here's a sad one for you:

When I was a kid, I was sexually abused by an older man.  It was over 30 years ago (he's 82 now), but I check the obituaries regularly, because when I see his, I'm going to have a party.

From yours truly: I have something (dust or an eyelash...who knows?) in my left eye, so I'm having a tough time doing proofreading. I will check later when my eyeball no longer has an irritating intruder and clean up any typos or whatnot.

Happy Happy Friday, hooligans! :-)


  1. I pee in the bed often. Not because I'm having dreams about it. I'm just lazy. Cheers ETW!!

  2. Why is it the pervy old men who do things that horrible always live well into there eighties??? Meanwhile the good people always end up kicking the bucket in there fifties???

  3. I'd say a party is in order too...creeps suck. Sorry

  4. yeeeehaw!!!!

    great secrets this week!!!

    #1 you want me to roofie you?

    #2 I shave my nuts every day. so when women complain that i'm being sexist or whatever for demanding they do the same i show them my wrinkly nutbag. shuts them up in no time.

    #3 ... at least you're still having good sex. congrats.

    #4 you know that part of the dream where you realize you're actually peeing? i'm very familiar with it.

    every morning i check myself to see if i peed or had a wet dream the night before. yeah i'm 30. so what?

    and FYI: not all of us creepy perverts are bad. i only sexually abuse women who consent to be sexually abused. :)

    (sorry for your emotional scaring)