Thursday, September 16, 2010

From One End of the Valley the other.

That was my schedule this morning. I had to go see my OB - his assistant looked at my oozy boo boo and proclaimed it not infected. I'm to wash it twice a day with antibacterial soap and use Bacitracin. When I got home, I dug around in the medicine cabinet and lo and behold, we actually had a tube!

She said I didn't need to put a band-aid over it, but if I don't, it leaves an oozy mark on my shirt - right around the belly button area. Yuck! I have another couple of days on the antibiotics and hopefully, this little oozy thing will heal up soon. It's making me sick!

Apparently, I'm good watching pus and ooze on youtube videos, but not so great at dealing with it when it's on my person.

After that, I had to drop Sissy off at preschool, then head back to the other side of the valley (indeed, a different county, too) to see my primary care physician.

Somehow, I managed to gain a pound and a half between doctor visits! Damn those chunky, but cute as heck, sandals I love so much. I think it might have been the change of clothes (I had a lightweight skirt on to see the OB, but changed into jean shorts, and I have to wear a belt with them - or they'll be falling off of me! - that must have added some bulk!).

So, PCP (primary care physician) is upping my high blood pressure med to the 50 mg instead of the 25 mg I had been taking. I also sat there bravely and got a flu shot - new and improved with the H1N1 vaccine, too! I made him look at my oozy sore, too. I know he enjoyed that. I saw the pizza delivery guy go in the back shortly before I did. Hee hee.

Surely, he should have no problem eating after seeing that. After all, I haven't heard that Ron's doc has gone on a hunger strike after seeing his infected nut-sac. I guess they really do see everything!

Of course, as soon as I dropped Sissy off, the rain started, and kept on going. And going.

Today would be the perfect day to snuggle in and just stay home. Instead, I got to go on the "Oozy Sore Tour Across Two Counties".

Now, I have to go pick up the World's Most Beautiful Girl from school and an hour later, I pick up the World's Smartest Boy from school.

Running in and out of this rain, I'll be looking like Roseanne Roseannadanna. May as well pull my hair back and call it a day!

I know my insurance officially hates me by now. And we've only been on this plan since July. LOL.


  1. LOL.... well I'm actually off to see my doc to remove the stitches from my nutsac, I'll have to ask him about his appetite.

  2. I love it, "The Oozy Sore Tour"! Made me smile.

    I think it must be a prerequisite to get into medical school to have to deal with yuck and be able to eat or they won't let you in.

  3. Hey, at least you get rain....

  4. Yeah, rain is good!!

    Hope the Bacitracin does the trick!

  5. Yuck! That does NOT sound like fun.The oozy sore or the running around. Hope tomorrow is more relaxed for you.

  6. Hope your ooze heals soon! Glad you are doing so well, though.