Thursday, September 9, 2010

Never a Dull Moment....

Yesterday, I mentioned a prescription for antibiotic.

Before I could pick that up yesterday, the belly button incision decided to mutiny on me and ooze some blood too. Awesome! Unfortunately the Dora the Explorer band aid I put over it didn't do the trick and I had a nasty stain on my shirt after I dropped Sissy off at preschool, and before I had to get to the grocers. Good times.

Along with my prescription, I picked up more bandages. It's like a war zone on my abdomen. When I pull my shirt up to inspect the carnage, Sissy says, "Ewww Mommy, put your shirt down. No one wants to see your dirty belly. Just...ewww."

Ahhh, how she makes me feel like a princess. Truly, what would I do without her and her sage advice???

This is the first day I've been able to drop her off at preschool and come right back home. Of course, I have work I need to do around here, but I'm procrastinating a little as I enjoy a moment of "free time". The free time I haven't had since the middle of Buddy's 2nd grade year.

I will soon be back to my familiar hausfrau duties - but I also pencil in a little "Ladies who Lunch" every now and again. Need a lunch date? I'm your gal! :-)

PS - Don't forget "Friday Secrets". You can send an anonymous email to I copy and paste the secrets into a word document, then delete the email. If I don't get any secrets, I'll be forced to recount my bitter 6 year battle with the Post Office (that I won!) - and that might be very boring for you all, cause it only involves me, my happiness and my ruthless quest to get my way at all costs.

Send in them secrets! I know they're eating you alive!!!:-)


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  2. Such a sanguine post. I dug it, and heal up. Cheers ETW!!

  3. I think that's your abdomen telling you to TAKE it EASY and REST!!!!

  4. I'm a fan of my kids ban-aids, too. We go for Hello Kitty and Transformer Band aids, here! They don't stick as roughly to my skin. Take it easy, you!!

  5. Ewwwww.... don't be showin off yer dirty belly!! LOL.... to cute.

  6. Leave it to the kids to tell you what's really up. It's hurtful sometimes but kids will always say what adults are usually thinking. I get it all the time. Thanks kids!