Monday, September 13, 2010

An Interesting Convo at the Hospital

OK, if y'all keep up with anything around here, you know I was in the hospital on Friday 9/3 and home by Saturday 9/4.

Since I was being shuffled all around the place on Friday, they advised me to bring nothing with me since I wouldn't have family/friends there the whole time (Yo, the Evil Twin had to take care of the kids and pick up Buddy from school), I packed up a bag the night before that the Evil Twin could bring to my regular room when he and the kids visited later on Friday afternoon.

I packed all my meds and fresh undies, etc. Since I do have to take an injectible medication for my MS, I always have that on hand when I'm away from home because so few people (including nurses) know what it is and what it's for and even how to administer it. I prefer to do my own injections.

On Saturday AM, the nurse came by with my usual AM meds (even though I had my own in my bag, which was in a locker across the room and I was tethered to so many cords, I couldn't get up without help from a nurse). And. she's going over my extensive meds on her wheely computer thingy-doo (I think that's the technical term).

This was our exchange:

Her: You're supposed to have 20 i.u. of

Me: Copaxone, it's for MS. It's a once daily sub q injection.

Her: Did you take it?

Me: No, its in my overnight bag in the locker and I couldn't get to it.

Her: Why didn't you call for a nurse to get it?

Me: I didn't want to bother anyone. (Real answer: I didn't want to wait 2 hours for a human to retrieve the bag so I could do my injection myself).

Her: Do you want to take it now? (remember, this is Saturday MORNING).

Me: No, I only take it around 9 pm at night. That's my schedule.

She gives me a sideways look, but I assure her I'll be fine.

Then, she hands me a cup of meds, including Gas X. I KNOW my MD did not order that for me, I think it was for my neighbor roommate. I just ate whatever shit they gave me, noticing that my pills were one short of a freaking Ativan. They probably gave that to my neighbor, even though I had ALL my pills on hand (if I could have REACHED them).

And now, instead of buying tampons, I'll be paying off this hospital bill for a few years. Thank goodness, I can funnel the tampon money to that!

Why does everything need to be such a hassle?

Happy Monday, hooligans!


  1. Isn't it liberating knowing you will never have to buy womanly products again!

  2. The hospital probably charged you $37 for that one Gas X. ;-)

  3. LOL... true and probably billed you twice for the Ativan you never got.

  4. What the hospital does is rarely logical. But I am surprised they let you bring your own meds in the hospital for liability reasons.

  5. Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

  6. Shame because they are coming out with amazing new advances in the tampon field. They have these new "click" tampons that are all the rave. You are really missing out!

  7. Totally worth it though, eh? :)

  8. I have had 2 surgeries this I am ready to pay these bills too! Just wish I had more $$$ to do it!

  9. Hospitals are bullshit.

    I've been away from blogger so long I don't even know why you were in there! Are you okay!?

    Thank you for your comment:) I'm so excited about college!

  10. they let you do your own injections? fuck!

    i was in the ER once and they wouldn't let me take an asprin/ibuprofin combo pill for the headache caused by all the whining methheads and broken condom teenagers.

    they said that until the doctor had seen me that i couldn't take any medications and that they'd kick me out if they caught me taking that.

  11. Chandra - I am overjoyed at that thought!

    Jay - I'm sure.

    Ron - Ugh!

    Karen - I bring my own stuff, just in case.... You never know how long you will be ignored while there.

    Anonymous - Thanks, I think?

    RW - I'm not too sad since my money will stay in my pocket. :-)

    Tiff - Absolutely!

    Gigi - I'm in the same boat. :-(

    Lily - Girl, I am fine. I had a much wanted hysterectomy!

    fattie20xl - You wouldn't believe the number of regular nurses who don't know how to do an injection. I had to do my own Heparin injection after giving birth to Sissy!

  12. Of all the things I never have to buy again, diapers and tampons are on top of the list of things that make me happy!! Of course, as I get older, the diapers may become necessary again....LOL