Friday, September 24, 2010

FridaySecrets Sept. 24

Here are the Friday Secrets and bonus Mystery Pic! I just love Fridays!

1. When everyone congratulates this girl I know for being pregnant, I just laugh. I know babies should be joyous times but either it's going to be a girl and an insane slut like she is or a boy and be a potential serial killer because the chick hates men so much. Really I'm pulling for a boy because at least then there's a hope that interventions will be made by teachers etc and the kid will have a chance.

2. One of the big reasons I'm staying at my current job is because they'll pay for me to go back to school to finish a degree for another job.

3. I really don't give a flaming fark about football.

4. Sometimes I wonder if I do good deeds because of the praise I get or if it's because I do them for the sake of doing them. I'm pretty sure it's just because it's the right thing to do, but the thank yous are nice.

And, the mystery pic: (a hot one, for sure):

This should make everyone's day. And, you're off the hook for viewing boil/zit/pimple popping videos for next week. Whew! You all came scary close to the worst I have to offer.


  1. Dem's some nice ones alright. And as for the last secret, while it is best to do things out of just being a good person, there is nothing wrong with liking to hear a "Thank You". Cheers ETW!!

  2. I don't care about football either, but I do like whatever it is hiding under the robe in the last picture!

  3. Nice Secrets! Excellent Pic! Have a great Weekend!

  4. I love Friday secrets and am really grateful there won't be a weeks worth of those other nasties you mentioned!

  5. If I may take just a moment to reiterate..... BOOBIES!!!!