Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who Told Winter It Was Welcome?

Yesterday, it rained like a monsoon and was also kinda chilly. Today, the temps have dropped into the mid/upper 40s and that makes ETW want to cry.

Here I am, this poor child from the deep South. (Okay, we weren't poor, but most Southerners kinda have the same mindset). I almost never wore shoes if I wasn't going anywhere or had school, etc.

I still rarely wear shoes, even outdoors. But, when the weather cools down enough, I reluctantly pull out socks and my "winter" pair of shoes. I only have one pair - Land's End Hand sewn mocs (which they don't make anymore)and I've had them for about 10 years? Maybe longer? I think tennis shoes are horrific and I'm not too keen on other cold weather shoes.

Yesterday, despite the monsoon, I wore my Mickey Mouse Croc-Flops (like flip flops, only with Mickey Mouse heads on the front - bought at Disney World). There was a load of standing water, so I could feel the water swishing under my feet. It made me laugh.

I think when the weather gets crappy and I can still have a smile on my face, it's all good. But, today, I had to wear my cold weather shoes. A Southern girl can't take it when the temperature is below 50. That's just not even right!

Unfortunately, I still have to make one more trip out and about this afternoon. The Evil Twin will be picking up Sissy from school, while I take Buddy to a much needed appointment at the eye doctor. I got this amazing deal from And, it's the same place I went to get my "I'm blind and can't read up close" glasses. They're awesome and the deal is even more awesome!

Y'all should check it out and see what great deals are available in your area. This is the first deal I've purchased, so I'll let you know how it goes!

Until then, sweet hooligans, enjoy your Thursday - even if it is rainy and cold and not suitable sandal wearing weather.


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  1. Rainy and cold here to, but I prefer that to hot and humid. I must be a Northerner....