Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm So Glad it's Friday!

This has been a long and busy week. It was "Spirit Week" at Buddy's school, which means each class gets points for sporting the attire of the day - like yesterday was Mis-Match day. The kids wear things that don't match and get a point.

At Sissy's school, they had a "field trip" earlier in the week. It was a Bus Safety lesson, even though not all the children take the bus. It was an opportunity for them all to get on the bus, tool around the block and learn some safety rules about riding the scary fun bus.

At the beginning of the year, she had asked me if the bus had seat belts or booster seats. I said, "No." and she said, "Then I don't want to ride it." Fine by me. Then, last week she states that she DOES want to ride the bus. It's an option. I'll think about it.

Then, today, Sissy's school has a Halloween party. I sent her costume (Spider Countess). And, it's also popcorn day, show n tell day and something else I've already forgotten.

A day or so ago, a few forms came home for both kids (not the same forms). I did Buddy's because they were due today - Thanks for the extra "heads up" kid! (he handed them to me last night).

I think the school people are trying to kill me (LOL). It's no wonder I have 4 notebooks and two calendars full of information. I'm lucky if I remember to look down and see if I have shoes on when I leave the house! ;-)

Well, I'm outta here for a fantastic afternoon of errands. I hope all my hooligans have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.



  1. Are the cramming all the extra curricular activities in one day?? Oh... I figure you'll realize you don't have shoes on when you go out when you hit the ice on the ground... Have a great Halloween!

  2. Oh... and Happy Anniversary, if I'm not mistaken it is on Halloween.

  3. Busy! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!