Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekends Go By Too Fast!

Luckily, we do have an odd "Special Election" day tomorrow, so all state employees are off and the kids are out of school (the polls are set up in the public schools).

Of course, the Evil Twin and I will be getting out to vote - as we always do. We also always see the same familiar faces helping out for our district, so that's kinda fun.

This past weekend, we had many errands to run. So, Saturday was the day of choice (out of necessity, not out of really wanting to go out.)

First, the children both had their hair cut. Buddy looked like a hot mess. His hair was all over the place and unmanageable. Then, we have Sissy. Her hair had gotten so long, it was a chore to wash it and dry it, plus it was always full of tangles. Getting ready for school - even with the detangle spray was a chore and full of "Owwws" and much whining.

Both of them had excellent cuts and I'm really happy about the results.

Then, we had to run to the Deep Homo (Home Depot) to purchase things needed around the house - it's always something.

Next up, the Mart. Not my usual mart. Noooo. The one I hate. And, it was the first of the month, which means "food stamp city".

Don't get me wrong, I don't judge anyone or any family who needs assistance, but it makes for a rather crowded day and the check out lines were just crazy. Really, I had not had a chance to get out earlier in the week and it came down to crunch time.

We finished up in a mere 3 and a half hours overall and I'll take that as a win!

How was your weekend? Did it fly by likes ours? I hope all of my hooligans have a happy Monday - I know that's asking a lot, but just try, OK?



  1. Hectic times, hope the week is quieter. Cheers!!


  2. Sounds like an exciting weekend, I did nothing or next to nothing so yay for excitement here!!

  3. Earlier today someone asked me what I did this weekend, and it took me a few minutes to remember. Yeah, it was that exciting. Even when you're doing nothing fun it goes by way too fast.

  4. I'm BAAAACCCKKK!!!!

    Seriously. I don't know what my damage was, but decided i neded the therapy...

    missed you!

    I changed Walmars when we moved and the oe we go to now is way more ghetto. The people wtching is FANTASTIC!