Monday, October 17, 2011

Casa Evil Twin

It was a pretty exciting weekend around here - by our standards, anyway.

On Friday evening, the Evil Twin's younger sister (by 2 yrs) turned 50 and her BFF for life threw a surprise birthday party for her at a local restaurant. It was loads of fun and we were able to catch up with so many people we don't see that often. Even the Evil Twin's younger brother (by 4 years), his wife and their daughters - our two very lovely nieces were there. They live a few states away, so it's always a pleasure to spend time with them.

Buddy is a year younger than the oldest niece and Sissy is a year younger than the younger niece. The kids had fun running around the restaurant together. This restaurant has an outside deck on the river, so I allowed some running around - normally, they sit in their seats for the entire meal. It was more of a beachy/party feel, so I wasn't too strict. :-)

On Saturday, the family came by our house and hung out for a few hours. That was nice.

Sunday, we decided a trip to the Target was in order. Buddy needed new tennis shoes (in a serious way) and Sissy needed a few new pairs of jeans that weren't high waters.

The previous week, when I picked up Sissy from school, her teacher told me that she had been called into a meeting with the 5th grade teachers. She was asked to read them a book (a cold read - not one she had seen before), and she only stumbled over one word. The next day, I asked her teacher what prompted this and she said, "Oh, we just wanted to show her off." LOL. That girl loves to read (she's 5). I think she's well on her way to being tested reading at the college level by 2nd grade, just like her Momma.

I'm not sorry I let her eat 2 Moon Pies for breakfast this morning. That chocolate coating probably has milk in it, right? :::shrugs::: The way I see it is: If they're eating - anything - it's better than nothing.

When I was a youngster, and a very picky eater, my pediatrician told my mom, "She will not starve to death. If her body craves it, then let her have it." He was a wise man. And, also from the deep South where we like to eat any number of odd things.

Well, hooligans, this is my motto for Monday:



  1. That poster is the story of my life...

  2. I love the fact that teachers like to show off the kids who do well. Perhaps they could convince the parents of other students to encourage reading at home.

    That frog has my beer belly.

  3. I could have used that poster earlier today. Seriously.

  4. hooray for exciting weekends and no fucks given!

  5. Good readers are the best!

    I love Moon Pies. I have them for breakfast sometimes too.

  6. Fucks will not be given all week...

    Ahhh...what a motto!