Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weekend? Please Hurry KTHXBAI

This week has seemed impossibly long already. Maybe it's because we were gone all last weekend, then had a few days off that threw my schedule off. Who knows?

I have the lovely pleasure of cleaning up cat puke off our light colored carpet downstairs. And, she didn't just stand in one spot to do it. No, she was apparently (judging by the vomit splatters) jumping down the hall for every upchuck. Thank goodness for Oxyclean! I love that stuff.

Our main floor is mostly hardwood floors and porcelain tile. Why couldn't she chose one of those surfaces for her vomitorium? Whatevs, I still love her. She couldn't help it if her stomach was upset.

Let's face it, if you have kids or pets, you'll be faced with vomit, poop and other bodily waste activities for a long, long time. I can forgive Bella for the vomit episode because I'm just so darn glad we don't have a litter box in the house! (Bella uses the people potty for her business - I just sashay by every now and again and flush for her).

It's funny - for as much as the Evil Twin and I have in common, we're opposites on what we can and cannot deal with. For example, puke and poop are not a problem for me to clean. Bleeding and tooth pulling is absolutely something I can't be rational about. If Buddy has a loose tooth and the Evil Twin is trying to pull it, I'm cowering in our bedroom with my hands over my ears. It's all about the teamwork around casa Evil Twin! :-)

Keeping with Gratitude November: I am grateful for a warm house and a loving spouse. After years of kissing toads, I finally found my prince.

I'm off to continue my cat puke clean up detail, but I hope you hooligans have a happy Thursday!



  1. I hope you have a good weekend. Sounds like you deserve it!

  2. Our cat Corky, pukes in nice, neat chunks. I like that. Cheers ETW!!

  3. But what if you have a child having a tooth pulled and puking at the same time???

  4. Maybe you could teach her to puke in the toilet too?

  5. Poor, Poor Bella, and Bella's mommy. Hope things get better soon.

  6. Jennifer - Thanks! I just want a peaceful weekend!

    Matt-Man - I wish I had the one spot pukey cat, too!

    Ron - That would require major teamwork! LOL.

    NCP - Ha! That would be great. Your comment made me LOL.

    Raquel - I just hope the pukies are finished now! :-)

  7. I can deal with puke and blood and anything bodily, but if a dish sits in the sink for more than 5 minutes, I cannot touch it. I have actually thrown out pots and dishes because attempting to wash it made me gag to much.

  8. hahaha

    i clean up my dog's puke and poop. sometimes my gf's dog eats a piece of shoe (yes. she'll actually eat it and not just rip it up) and then later on in the day she'll have puked it up.... in a corner or something.

  9. Snot is my thang..cannot handle snot, buggers, loogies or anything else of the sort...I'm gagging just thinking about it.

    I can handle cat/dog poop...not sure about vomit though. Vomit whether it comes from a human or and animal is still vomit...smell n' all!

  10. Yep- once you become a Mom, it's amazing what loses the power to upset you. :) I'm with you on the blood thing though; I got MORE queasy about that after the boys were on the scene.