Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

I don't remember the schools giving the kids' the entire week of Thanksgiving off. Typically, it's Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but this year, we get the whole week!

I know they (school board) had bandied the idea around for years. See, this here is West by God Virginia and many schools have literally NO attendance due to the start of hunting season. The schedule would be to have school on Monday and Tuesday, but lots of parents will take their kids out, so they can all hunt. No more truant children this year! They all get holiday time.

Fine with me. I like getting a few days of not having to run around like a loon. However, I do have to work out the logistics of shopping for us and Mr. D for the holiday. I don't want to shop too early and I don't want to shop too late. In fact, I don't want to shop at all.

You know how some people are all "bah-humbug" about Christmas? Well, I'm all "bah-humbug" about Thanksgiving. It's not that I don't like the holiday itself. I just don't care for the menu. It's always the same and I don't like ham or's always just a hassle for me. I'd rather load up on rolls and wine and be done with it.

At least I have football to look forward to (i.e. it's completely acceptable to roll around on the couch "checking out the insides of my eyelids".

This will be Bella's first Thanksgiving and I'm sure she will immediately realize the benefits of being a really cute and much beloved kitty in the house. Judging from the information I gathered from the shelter and the vet, I'm guessing she was born in March, probably April, so she has no clue about turkey falling like manna from Heaven on Thanksgiving - although it's not like she doesn't get little bits of lunch meat every morning as I prepare the Evil Twin's lunch.

This Thanksgiving may turn out to be fun after all. I can flick turkey and ham on the floor and enjoy watching the cat eating it.

Happy Monday, hooligans!



  1. the food is the best part for me! I LOVE turkey and stuffing and green bean casserole..I cook it all just for the smell, lol!

    Belle is a cat and a turkey is a bird so something tells me she is going to be diggin on this holiday!

    Have a good week with the family!

  2. No fair! When I was a kid I only got 2 days off!!!

    ummm.... so you're gonna be slipping the kitty some meat this Thanksgiving??? ;-P

  3. While I love having my kids home, if they were out this whole week it would really make getting ready for Thanksgiving hard.

  4. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. While I am not much of a turkey fan either, I love sides. And we always do an Italian dish (stuffed shells this year) so I love that.

  5. I am so happy my kids do NOT have the entire week off but then again here in MA we frown upon hunting unless you're from Tewksbury or something!

    I also don't ever make dinner at home for Thanksgiving, I just have to contribute a dish or two so I did my shopping late last night. Yay!

  6. What the heck. I never got a whole week off for T-day! Bullcrap.

    How can you not like turkey?

    I'm with you on the ham: it sucks unless it's extra lean and cooked to perfection.

    Happy Thanksgiving!