Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Gonna Be a Long Week

I can just feel it. Today is gonna be a long day.

Thankfully, the guys from the plumbing place we use showed up a bit ago and got the disposal working like new! They were really nice and funny, too. I enjoy dealing with this company because they are honest and reasonable with the prices. Plus, they will send me a bill, so I don't have to get the sweats writing out a check on the spot. I can just call back and give them the credit card/debit card info.

If you live around my area, EJ Thompson and Sons are the bomb. Call them, you won't be sorry!

It's a crummy, grey day here. Raining like crazy. I think I'll just wash my face, pull my hair back, slap on some make up and go about my day. My hair never fares well in rain and/or humidity, so why bother with a full shower when I can do that later?

And, I have to make a run to the Mart. Stinks! But, I'm hoping that I can take care of a bit of business there. See, I had bought the Toy Story 3 game for her DS a while back. Then, she lost it. It was one of her faves. I felt bad and I bought a new copy as a Christmas gift. Then, the Evil Twin was out blowing leaves off the driveway and found the game under a pile of leaves. I had looked and looked for that little cartridge.

We made sure it still worked and it does. Now, I need to return the newer one and I have no receipt. I don't know why. I keep *everything*, but didn't keep *this* receipt. I'm willing to take store credit and get the Toy Story 3 DVD instead or even exchange it for another game. It's unopened, so it hasn't been played at all.

Thank goodness I was born with the skillz of an attorney, so I typically can state my case in a calm and reasonable way and have no troubles. Again, I'm not trying to get anything "over" on someone, or a company, I just want to return something and make it fair for both parties involved.

Have a non-stressful Tuesday, my hooligans!



  1. Wal Mart has a great return policy so you are good.

  2. At least its a return to Wally World. If you had to take it back somewhere else, you might have less luck.

  3. So I guess it does make some sense to blow the leaves away.... awww... screw it, I'm not gonna do it!!

    Have fun at The Evil Empire!

  4. You too?

    The only receipts I fail to save are the rare few I eventually need!

  5. Good luck returning your game. WalMart is pretty easy. This is the LONGEST week over this way, already. I think I would enjoy a gray rainy day with a ponytail (I wear makeup NO MATTER WHAT)and my sweats. By this time next week I should be in or getting close to home (Scott Depot)! YAY!

  6. it's only Wednesday right? Here I thought it was Thursday...geesh. Two more days to go...for sure it will feel like three.

    It's suppose to start snowing here in the next couple hours. I'll take the rain over snow. Wanna trade? (good news is the weatherman is only predicting around 15" TOTAL for the year instead of the 50" we got last year! Yes!!!!)

  7. Walmart takes anything back :) Heck, even stuff that they don't carry! I still have flashbacks of working the service counter. Though some days I do think that would be an easier life.