Monday, November 15, 2010

And A Good Day to You, Sir!

I hope someone somewhere is having a good day. I'm not.

When the Evil Twin came in to wake me up, I just groaned. I was SO not ready to get out of bed even though I'd gone to bed early-ish (for me) and slept well. I just wanted MORE sleep.

But, I dragged my sorry self out of bed and got moving. I was then told that I needed to call a plumber to look at our disposer TODAY. Long story.... Our internet and phone service wasn't working, so I called the cable company - seems that I had somehow shorted them $15 last month, so our service was cut off. I had already paid an extra $50 over the weekend. :::Sigh::: They turned it back on. Then, the Evil Twin called from work and told me he lost his cell phone. I looked all over the house and the driveway - even called his number a few times in case I might hear it ring. No luck.

A few minutes later, he called and said he found it on the floorboard of his car. It had slipped from his holder and he hadn't noticed.

The windshield wipers on his car are not performing right. There is only one speed of wiping. :::Sigh:::

We have Christmas coming up and 2 nieces and 2 kids' birthdays also in no time, so it's just typical that everything shits the bed at once.

It's one of those days...And it's Monday on top of all that. Sheesh.

I can't wait for next week. For the first time since I can remember, the Thanksgiving holiday for the schools is a full week off: Monday thru Friday. Generally, it's only Wednesday - Friday. A whole week should give me time to recharge and build up for the rest of the school year.

In the attempt to be funny vein, I have a classic line from this morning, as she was deciding what to wear for pre-school today. She could not make up her mind on shoes. She said "I'm having a bad shoe day!" Huh? She wanted to wear two different shoes to school. I told her, "Wear the other pair tomorrow."

I think that worked!

Enjoy the un - awesomeness of the Monday, hooligans.



  1. Here's to hoping it gets better. I believe you recently stated that you hate Mondays...So goes with the theme huh?

  2. I think Mondays should be cancelled....

  3. Seems like things always start to go crazy around the holidays. As if the holidays themselves aren't crazy enough.

  4. I saw a funny Facebook status today that said, "Hello Monday, I see the assassins didn't manage to take you out, again..." I thought it was appropriate, especially after some numbnuts hit me with his car as I was crossing the street to get lunch today. No worries I'm fine, but then he had the nerve to yell at me.

    Dear Monday, you suck...

    MC xoxo

  5. I hope your day has turned around some!

  6. Monday's are my Fridays. I laugh at you and mock your pain.

  7. Two different shoes??? That girl will be an artist! LOL

    Mine always wanted to wear tops and bottoms that didn't match.