Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Fun

We had a nice Thanksgiving break. I still had things to do, but my schedule wasn't nearly as packed as usual.

Thanksgiving dinner turned out perfectly. It was just the right amount - in fact, by day 2, the leftovers were polished off.

I think I mentioned last week that we had decided to drop our landline and get a family plan on our cell phones, so I found 2 nice (Android) phones I could get free for the Evil Twin and Buddy, and then added them to my plan. Perfect, right?

Only I wanted them to be able to keep the numbers they already had from our old provider, which is a pay as you go type dealio. That means porting the 2 old numbers to the 2 new phones. Should be a cinch, amiright?

No, in fact, it was the biggest pain in my ass since I tore the USPS a new butthole. The phones arrived on Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and it was midday Sunday, after probably more than a dozen calls to old company and new company trying to work out the nightmare of moving these numbers.

Buddy, of course, was beside himself - he wanted to get to that phone, so he could find "apps". I told him he could get whatever he wanted, as long as it was free.

Everyone was happy by Sunday when the phones were finally operational. YAY!

So, aside from spending the last 2 days of my vacation on the phone repeating the same information over and over - it was a good holiday!

I hope you all had a lovely break and are getting back into the ol' routine. Happy Monday, hooligans!



  1. Nothing like spending time on the phone with a phone company. Glad you had a good holiday.

  2. So is Buddy looking for a free porn app? Cheers ETW!!

  3. It's always the simplest things that end up being the hardest. ;)

  4. Man it really is the future when everyone in the family has their own personal Android!!!

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  6. Glad you got those sweet-ass phones online!