Friday, November 12, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

Monday used to be my favorite day of the week. The Evil Twin and Buddy would head out the door early and just me and Sissy had the day to ourselves. Then, Mondays got busy and even busier still when Sissy started preschool.

She almost never has school on Fridays, so Friday has become my official "favorite day of the week". Just the two of us and Buddy has taken to walking home from school, so I literally don't have to leave the house on Fridays! Now, that's my kinda day.

I can get caught up on laundry, dishes, etc. Just whatever I can get around to and haven't had much time for all week.

The Evil Twin is home today (took it as a vacation day), so hopefully, I can get quite a bit wrapped up.

My next order of business with our Miss Bella is lead training her. My beloved Chingate (also a Calico) walked on a lead like a dog and would even heel. I didn't have to train her, she just did it. She would hear those metal clips jingling and come running. She knew she'd be getting walkies or going on a ride. She loved to ride in the car. If Bella is even half as smart as Chingate was, I should have a potty trained cat who acts like a dog before too long!

I plan on starting with a harness for Bella, then we'll move to just the collar. Bella is more of a shifty, unpredictable cat than Chingate and I don't want her to choke herself by accident! I love that cat. And, I paid $40 for her! (<--- that is totally sarcastic, but I thought I'd throw it in there 'cause y'all know how cheap I am. LOL). I hope all my hooligans have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! Love,


  1. Wow...Your Fridays are far more complex than mine. I just drink myself into oblivion, have sex (sometimes with a real woman), and then do a radio show. Here's to ya!! Cheers ETW!!

  2. Your cat is amazing. My cat just looks at me like "Who the hell do you think you are?" and goes back to sleep. Have a good weekend!

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  5. I am so sorry...Blogger went nuts and posted my comment several times. I think I need to go back to bed...

  6. You've got a cat that walks like a dog? That's hella cool!

  7. Good luck with Bella.

    I tried teaching my cats to walk on leads, but no luck was had. I may try again with Teddy, but CC and Pru are far too independent and self assured to want to be "taken" for a walk.

    Let us know how you get on.

  8. I can't wait to hear how training her to drive the car will go ;-) of course you will have to call her Tounces while she's driving.