Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting a Deal

If you've read my blog for any time at all, you know I pride myself on being the cheapest chick alive (and I don't necessarily mean that in the "Jezebel" way, but sometimes that is also true).

I like good deals. I especially like getting a good deal and having a few free things thrown in. The worst they can say is "No". So, I always ask for discounts/deals/freebies. It may seem shameless - and maybe it is, but the companies I deal with are getting my money (and I'm sure even with a good price, there's a mark up), so if they throw in free shipping or overnight shipping for the price of standard shipping, that can make me very happy in my pants and also pretty much guarantee I will be a repeat shopper at their establishment.

Why wait for Black Friday and fight the crowds for an item you may not possibly get after all? I consider my beauty sleep WAY more important than a semi decent deal at 5 am.

Two things might be my downfall: I like to do research and I like to window shop. I researched our Disney trip we took in May 2009 half to death until I finally found a price I thought was reasonable. I spent from April to August of 2008 researching, then I booked and kept researching.

I'm not looking to "rip off" any company. Whatever I pay will still garner them a profit, I'm sure. But, I'm tired of being nickle and dimed for cable services, phone services, utilities, etc.

The more free market commerce we have, the more competitive prices become. I noticed that once the Kroger gas station in Cross Lanes was in place, they undercut the prices of all other gas stations. My dad used to say that Kroger kept the rest of them honest, and I think that is the case myself - even if toward the end of his life, my Dad and I didn't agree on much in the political realm. (He was more liberal as he got older and I became more conservative).

Anynoodle, I think I started this as a way to segue into the fact I found an awesome deal on a family plan for cell phones. I know I mentioned before, but we're chucking the land line. My phone will be the main phone, but I found such a great deal on a family plan, I think we'll all be happy and we'll save a bit o' money - and helloo? I'm all about the cheap? Keep that in mind.

I look forward to the no phone calls at dinner time. No sales calls and the ability to ignore calls by simply placing my "smartphone"* on its' face.

Now, I shall head off for house work and getting ready for Thanksgiving shopping (YUCK to both). But, I will be back tomorrow with a new ....agenda. I'll explain more later.

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!


* The "smartphone" is not all that smart. I touch buttons I don't mean to and it does weird things. Also, it beeps at me all the time. I can't figure that out. I think it's email notices. :::Le Sigh:::


  1. Bwahahahahaha, my husband is just like you! He's always got a line on deals and he will always find a way to get more bang for his buck.

    I, on the other hand, am too lazy to do that and often get ripped off. :P

  2. I like a bargain too. But I will pay full price when I have to. I don't have the energy or patience to do hours of research before buying something. I am more of an impulse person than that.

  3. I'm with Karen. Again. I love a deal but am too impulsive to wait for one.

  4. AT&T is always trying to get me to switch to a family plan, despite being a single male in Charleston.

  5. i am getting better about finding deals.. part of the reason i switched to sprint.. which was hard for me.. i was with att almost 10 year.. and i dont like change very much.. :-(

    if you need anyhelp with your smart phone let me know :-)
    you can always email
    overthinkingmama at gmail. com

  6. You'll love your smartphone more with time. My Droid is still wowing me a year after I bought it.

    And enjoy the peaceful dinners.

  7. Oh My YOU are the customer that I hate. The one always looking for a deal. At our place we run specials for a week or so and then there is always this lady that comes in with some excuse as to why she didnt get to utilize that sale. (she was in Paris) But the horrific part is she wants the sale price now. After the sale!!! UUUGHHHH!! I hate it much like you hate all them exclamation marks I just made.

    Anyways you are right b/c all the people that bitch about the price and push for a cheaper rate we give it to them. Which is backwards to me. I think the people that don't ask should be the ones to get it.
    Happy Thanksgiving!