Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Love Survivor

Yes, I am one of those dorks who watches Survivor. I don't watch any other reality shows, like The Bachelor/ette, Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother, etc. I do half watch American Idol, but only to see who wins. (Half watching means the TV is on that channel, but I don't stay glued to the TV the whole time like I do with Survivor).

For me, Survivor is a sociological and psychological wonderland. They put X amount of really different people in isolated and harsh conditions and then we, the viewers, get to see how it all works out (or doesn't work out, in some cases).

I find it fascinating when two very opposite personalities form a bond, a real friendship. I also find it fascinating to see who will get on either one person's nerves or everyone's nerves at some point. There is always a definite pecking order.

But, it's anyone's guess who will end up winning.

I know we don't see every minute of what goes on and that the show is edited (and therefore may show certain people in a certain light, flattering or unflattering), but I also know they can't broadcast 24/7, uncut. I wish they did, though! I would never get a bathroom break! :-)

I love watching them eat nasty things. I love it when the big burly guys gag and carry on, while some delicate flower of a girl chomps on a goat's eye without a thought.

I love it when they have the food auctions and people fight over a mystery plate - could be something good, like a cheeseburger. Could be something foul, like a bowl of intestines with flies buzzing all over it. The flies add an extra special touch, I think. I wonder if those are stunt flies or just regular community flies that happen to just be buzzing around at that time?

I love the reunion show, where the players get a chance to crack on one another or clear up some point of contention.

People make fun of those who do watch reality shows, but I say Survivor is the smartest one on the block.

No spoilers here, but I already have my favorite picked out. I usually don't narrow it down until closer to the end, but if the person I want to win, doesn't, then there is something seriously wrong there!

Do you have a shameful reality show confession? Have you ever owned a Hall & Oates record? We don't judge here, so just let it out....

Happy Thursday, hooligans!



  1. Instead of Reality shows, I just spend time on Twitter and Facebook; it's the same thing. Cheers ETW!!

  2. I'm not sure why but "stunt flies" cracked me up. Luckily I had already swallowed my mouthful of coffee or I'd be wiping it off my laptop.

    I'm not big on the reality tv shows. For some reason they stress me out. I watch a couple of sitcoms and some stuff on PBS but that's about it, oh, and I'm a Food Network junkie. I'm not a tv snob or anything either, I just can't find anything that holds my interest lately.

  3. I'm a reality TV junky. My fav of all time was "Flavor of Love". It was horrible. Featuring the ex rapper/hype man Flava Flav. It was a hot mess but I was so addicted. I also like Bad Girls Club. Another hot mess, but the girls on there are just so messed up it makes me feel better.

  4. I watch more reality TV than I care to admit and I love Survivor too.

    I really liked it last night with that old NC gal won individual immunity by hanging onto the rope much longer than all the big,strong he-men who are much, much younger than she!!

  5. You know I remember watching in 'awe' of the ground breaking show "Real World" on MTV that started this whle reality craze. I don't consider any of it 'reality''s all so staged, I think "the hills' proved that correct.
    Doesn't mean I don't watch a few. I really love Deadliest Catch, STORMCHASERS and Ghost Adventures and even these are, I'm sure are 'made for TV"...but I love them anyway!

  6. Everyone I know who watches Survivor just loves the show. But, for whatever reason, I've just never been able to get into it.

  7. I can't watch reality shows because the biggest douches are generally the ones that are set for life doing nothing but remaining to be douches. It just bugs the hell out of me.

  8. I watch all the reality shows. Love them! Survivor is awesome, but I think I like Big Brother even better. It has less of the gag factor and it is broadcasted 24 a day online.

    And I have Hall & Oates greatest hits on my ipod. They are awesome.

  9. Sometimes I feel socially retarded because I don't watch reality programming. Well, except for Jersey Shore.

  10. i knew there was a reason i loved you :)

    i am the ultimate survivor fan... ive watched every episode ever!

    tried out twice now... i actually got far into the process the first time.

    they are having video tryouts december 7th.. im gonna try it again..

  11. I am with Matt on this one. Reality shows just ain't my gig. I would rather watch a movie....