Friday, November 5, 2010

No Secrets, But A Surprise

It's a dreary day here in our little burg. Sissy caught the creeping crud that's been going around and let me tell you, whatever it is, it really puts one down for the count.

She laid around all afternoon yesterday after preschool and got in bed early. She was burning up, so I gave her some medicine to bring her fever down. The Evil Twin and I kept checking on her through the night. Once, she woke up and had peed on her bed (she was most likely so out of it from the cold med). So, I got her up, changed her undies and since she was still hot, let her get in bed with us with no other clothing on. She clung to me like a squirrel monkey all night.

It's so pathetic to see them feeling so puny. I think she might have the same one-two punch that I had - both the cold and the stomach virus. She hasn't thrown up (yet), but I dealt with puke yesterday and I'm prepared to deal with it today as well.

Luckily, I have no plans. There is no preschool on Fridays and Buddy has decided he'd like to walk home from school. So, unless I get a call from him that he wants a ride, I don't even have to leave the house today!

Me and Miss Sissy can snuggle in and watch cartoons all day. I like that schedule. :-)

Also, there haven't been any Friday Secrets for a while, so I thought I'd throw in a little treat to keep y'all occupied.

Happy Friday, hooligans!



  1. Got Milk!!! ;-)

    Hope Sissy is feeling better soon.

  2. Nothing like sickness and tits to get the day going. Thanks ETW!! Cheers!!

  3. THAT is the way I like to start off my Friday!!!!

  4. The crud has been going around our place too...I guess its the kids that are getting it first. I am bracing myself for when the wife and I get the symptoms!

    And as far as the pic is concerned, there was a post on Twitter yesterday from OMGFacts that state that you live longer by staring at breasts. I responded that I am going to live forever! Thanks for contributing to my longevity!

  5. Does that rack come with mint sauce? ***Wink Wink***

  6. Hope Sissy gets to feeling better fast!

    And thanks for the treat!

  7. Thanks for the treat from another "happy it's Friday boobs day" reader!

  8. That went around our house too. Poor little babies.

  9. My daughter has the same virus, apparently it's taking a tour of the Carolinas as well. Hope your little girl is feeling better.

    Nice picture, as always. Thanks for sharing!