Friday, November 19, 2010

Losing My Mind

The Evil Twin and I are tightening our belts. We finally decided to ditch our landline and cancel most of our cable options. We just don't use the phone or watch the TV (or I should say, we're paying for channels we NEVER watch), we have Netflix, so we won't be hard up for entertainment.

We also figured we would make my cell phone the "main" phone. The Evil Twin has a phone with a generous minute plan - very affordable and plenty of minutes for his usage. Buddy has his cell phone which is pay as you go - he rarely uses it, even to text message his friends.

I started looking around for a "smartphone" with a decent plan that the whole family could use if necessary. I decided to go for the HTC EVO 4G. I've heard nothing but glowing reviews of this phone.

According to the FedEx website, it should be here tomorrow! Yippee!

It was pretty funny - after I had placed my order, I was on the landline phone with a friend and the battery died. I took that as a sign that it's time for us to be "Moving on up, To the East Side, to a deluxe phone plan in the skyyyyy." Oh, sorry. That's "The Jefferson's". (I loved that show!).

Anypoodle, I can't wait to get the new phone. I love new little gadgets. Of course, it'll be something else for me to learn the ins and outs.

I decided to transfer my existing cell number to the new phone instead of our home number. We get so many wrong numbers and sales calls on that line, even though we registered with the "Do Not Call" list.

Now, we'll just have the hassle of letting everyone know to dial the cell number from now on.

Keep your fingers crossed I can figure out this new-fangled technology! LOL.

My kids are off school the entire week next week. I'm actually looking forward to a bit of a break/change in routine. Plus, I think everyone but me is looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast this year. I'm going to try to track down a tofurkey for myself and see how that goes. There! Now, you can tell your friends, "I actually know someone who loves tofu." (it's true, I do!)

Happy Friday, hooligans!



  1. I havent had a land line at home in almost 7 years! it only became annoying when i had a sitter at my house (1x) that didn't have a cell phone. but luckily i had an extra.
    How old is buddy?
    Lil man is 8 and i am thinking of getting him a pay as you go phone or at least a non contract phone for Christmas.
    As far as tv. i havent had cable, dish, antenae in almost 3years... and i dont miss it one bit.. we just watch a lot of movie (i dont even have netflix lol) over and over again. - my bf now has netflix so it comes in handy. :-)
    have a great weekend.

  2. I love tofu, too! One year I made my own tofurkey for Thanksgiving and my husband was like, "really? Just this one day a year can you please eat normal food?"

    I've had the premade Tofurkey and it is really good. Mine was a flop.

  3. We gave up our landlines earlier this year and never looked back. I love being free of that - and all the crap calls we got. I did have my home number ported to the cell phone though, so it was a bit of a learning curve for people who didn't know we had changed. LOL

  4. OM - He'll be 13 in January, but we got him the phone at the start of his 6th grade year last year. It makes me feel better that he has it, and as I said, he almost never uses it, so pay as you go is a great choice (We use Virgin Mobile).

    K - There is one place in town with the tofurkeys. I'll have to take a trip down there to get it!

    Matt - Depends on the preparation. It CAN be tasty. :-)

    Kenju -That's what the Evil Twin's brother and his family did (the landline # ported) and I kept calling the cell number! LOL.

  5. I wouldn't call this belt-tightening; simply being tech-savvy. Netflix and Hulu are all I use here besides a cell phone. Cable TV just took its worst hit in 30 years because people are jumping to Netflix in droves.

  6. I'm a gadget gal too! Have fun with your phone!! It's so worth having the internet, now I can FB all day long if I want! LOL!

  7. That phone looks sweet!

    Yeah, we ditched our land line about 6 months ago and never looked back. So much more peaceful now.

    They make turkey out of tofu?

  8. Steven - Yeah, I think it's what most ppl are doing these days.

    Chandra - It'll be a learning curve for me, that's for sure. LOL.

    LBB - Not really a turkey, but tofu with a turkey flavor (as far as I can tell). I think we'll be happy with the no landline too!

  9. One thing about the Land Line. If you call 911 from your land line and you are unable to talk. The 911dispatcher can get your address from the phone number on the caller ID and send help right away. Can't be done on a cell phone.