Tuesday, November 10, 2009


None of the other pictures I took on Sunday turned out well. Let's face it, I was trying to get shots while the Evil Twin barreled down MacCorkle Avenue.

I asked him to at least slow down a bit when we passed the things I wanted a pic of, but he was having none of that.

Maybe someday, he will just pull over and let me get some pictures!

Soooo, today, you just get to read my random ramblings.

Yesterday, I started looking around for different car and home insurance. We have never had a problem with our current policies, in fact, we've used the same company for about 17 years now. But, the rates just kept going up and up and I guess you'll get that anywhere, but I was hoping to find something lower - for now.

Between cars and home, we'll be saving about $400 a year. Then, I called the cable company to get rid of some services, including our land line phone (we have the cable, internet, phone bundle service). I told the guy that we were very happy with all their services, but we were trying to cut corners where possible and as much as I hated to do it, I figured we'd just start using our cell phones.

He was able to work out a bundle deal that will save us $40 a month and lets us keep the land line! So, that's a savings of $480 a year! All together, we'll be saving almost $900/year.

Which is good, because the things we truly can't live without (heat and electricity) are both going up. It will make squeaking by a little easier.

I'm also cutting back at the grocery store, finding cheaper alternatives and psyching myself up to eat lots of pinto beans and cornbread. Heck, with all the extra methane around here, maybe we can cut down on using the heat, too!

Of course, we're not being very green by releasing our flatulence into the ozone, but this economy is in the shitter and I'm going to do what I have to do to keep my family afloat (and gassy).

I've always been a frugal sort. This doesn't bother me at all. I enjoy a good challenge.

Being also an ambitious individual, I am working on saving money and paying off debts.

And, no, I don't plan on separating the 2-ply toilet tissue into 1-ply. But, I am going to be looking around at different alternatives to other things.

Did you know that all you need is about a dime sized amount of shampoo (not filling up your whole hand)? You only need a pea sized amount of toothpaste on your brush to get the job done (the commercials show people loading on a big strip - that's what the companies want YOU to do, too, so you go through the product faster). You don't have to completely fill the laundry cup up with washing liquid, a little over half the cup will do. Cutting dryer sheets in half works just as well as a whole sheet.

I consider myself a stain removal champ. Clothes last longer and the carpets look nice. I'm also happy to know how to sew (by hand). I need to mend a shirt today, in fact.

Being a financial planner is very time consuming, but fun! That's why I don't have time to sell my used panties on eBay. I guess I'll just have to continue to cut back on other things! LOL.


  1. Look at you Mrs. Thrifty! I have cut back too. That was the main reason we moved into our apartment a few years ago. The rent discount certainly doesn't hurt! And almost makes this job bearable.

  2. Go you! Keep us posted on other cost saving measures. I'm not sure I can do some of the ones you've cut, but others might be helpful!

    But I do hear you can make a small fortune selling used panties on the net...

  3. You could always shave the males' heads...that takes no shampoo!

  4. I never thought about that with the dryer sheets. I am sure you're right. I know I can't use less detergent though because our water down in the swamp of a state is super hard.

  5. I recently started using less shampoo and toothpaste - it works fine!!!

  6. Oh, also - if you DO use the whole dryer sheet, once they are used, they work just as well as a swiffer sheet to swiffer the floor (if you're a swiffer kind of person)

  7. Never thought about cutting a dryer sheet in half but I will now! Great tip!

    I went on the level pay for Gas because I couldn't afford $300-$400gas bills, so now I pay $103 year round..AND I can actaully turn my heat up to a comfortable level.

    DAMN the economy!

  8. Get you and your thrifty ways, i seriously need to start doing these things myself, I'm such a wastrel at times!!

  9. I've recently stopped bathing to save on soap and water. This also work well with my plan on standing at stoplights with a big sign that says "homless" on it. Notice the misspelling to garner even more sympathy for the "poor idiot" on the streets.

  10. You are too damn efficient. Period. You put me to shame, girl!

  11. I am putting in a Shameless plug here for the Magic Jack. If you only need a phone line for a home phone and you have high speed internet connection, you want to try the Magic Jack. Its most outstanding feature is......

    ....wait for it.......

    The cost. My phone line is paid for the next five years at $20 PER YEAR! Not per month...PER YEAR!

    Worried about the quality? Email me at Joker_SATX@LiveJournal.com and I will email you back my number. You can then call me if you wish to test out the line. I am on it practically all day!

    So if you can live with a Vonage type phone that goes through your high speed internet and want to just pay $20 per year...give me a shout.

  12. To hell with ebay!!! Take a picture of yourself in a nice, sexy pair of skivvies, e-mail it to me & you've got yerself a buyer!!!!! ;)

  13. I have the thoughts about cutting back, but I lack the ambition and follow through. You are doing great! Keep up the good work.

  14. I have shopped at Aldi off and on over the past year. I jumped in full force about 2 months ago due to pay cuts, etc. We purchase most of our groceries there now, with few exceptions.

    I purchase cleaning supplies at the Dollar Store, dog food at the local IGA, and laundry soap in bulk at BJs. All told, we spend less than $300/month (new average, but hope to go lower) on food, etc.

    If you have an Aldi nearby, it would be worth a try. Especially with the "Double Back Guarantee".

  15. isn't it funny that the phone and other companies can always come up with cost saving 'bundles' when the over burdened customer threatens to quit?
    works every time.


  16. The Dish - Saving money makes almost anything more bearable! :-)

    CuteElla - If I think of any others, I'll throw them out there.

    Warren - Well the Evil Twin is already bald, but I don't think Buddy would go for it. LOL.

    Christine - I've been doing the half a dryer sheet for years now.

    NCP - I get mad at myself if I mess up and use too much shampoo. LOL. And I am a swiffer person, thanks for the tip.

    Chandra - We're on that plan too, but it's gone from around $100/mo to $116/mo. And I expect it to go up even more... Bah!

    YesWoman - It really doesn't take any time to do these things, just a matter of remembering to do them. :-)

    Ron - You are hardcore, dude! :-)

    GiGi - well, I also don't have a newborn either! :-)

    Joker - I've done some research into that, but wasn't sure. I'll think about it some more. Thanks!

    SoLow - I could never charge one of my favorite bloggers!

    Vinomom - It's just a matter of doing it. You can do it!

    Renn - We do have an Aldi nearby. I'll have to incorporate that into my plans.

    Clippy Mat - That's what I was thinking, too! :-)

  17. And, no, I don't plan on separating the 2-ply toilet tissue into 1-ply.

    Just a thought - didn't your friend Buzzardbilly have an ex that didn't wipe at all? I'm doubting she would recommend that as a thrifty idea (I know I wouldn't), but there is some savings in it...

  18. Eating beans and cornbread is certainly no hardship measure for me. I could eat that everyday and be happy (but not mr. kenju....LOL)

    Maybe I'll call the cable company tomorrow. We have bundled services too and they are going higher and higher in cost!

  19. A dime sized amount of shampoo? Really? Wow.

    Enjoyed the post!

  20. Sellin used panties on e-bay?

    Girl, you crack me up : D

  21. I've been using half dryer sheets for a while now (I think the idea may have come from you). I've never used more than a dime sized amount of shampoo. :-)

  22. We have started cutting back too...phone, TV, and i will also cut cell service...umm, I already use 1 ply....and have for years..my preference.

  23. Check out thriftybif.com for more idears, and good luck to you!

  24. ...and in the dishwasher, only use 1/2 or less d/w detergent to get your dishes just as clean.

    Will you make time to stop by and mend several of my shirts? Thanks. :)

  25. For me I disagree with the "dime sized amount of shampoo.' I'm sure it works great for the average person though. Since I have enough hair for three people, I use about three dime sized amounts to get this mop clean.

    Your other money saving tips will come in handy when we're looking to save money in our new house.