Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Secrets

I had many submissions this week. As always, I copy and paste it into a different document and then immediately delete the email.

The first 5 came from the same anonymous emailer:

1. I am scared of clowns (after watching Stephen King's "It"), ferris wheels (afraid the seat will get stuck and dump me out as the wheel rotates), and elephants (don't know why). My worst nightmare would be getting stuck on the top of a ferris wheel with a clown. The elephant would be at the controls. But its only a dream, right?

2. I have fantasies about having sex with 2 women at the same time. But I cannot stand the idea of my wife being with anyone else.

3. One Halloween, I soaped the windows of a neighbors house.

4. I hate my job!

5. I hope stockings and garters come back into style.

6. I plan to leave my wife soon because I have finally found the love of my life and she loves me too.

7. I was recently at a party thrown by one of my neighbors on my street. I was getting tired and wanted to go home but my husband wasn't ready to leave. A husband of a friend offered to walk me home and I've had a crush on him for a long time. I ended up giving him a blow-job that night and we plan to get together again after Thanksgiving.

8. Everyone thinks my husband is great and they say I'm very lucky. I don't feel lucky. He bullies and abuses me. I would leave but we have three kids and I can't support them on my own.

9. My first semester in college I agreed to be a male stripper for a bachelorette party in exchange for some beer. I under estimated the impact of a room full of screaming 22 year old women/girls. I was 20. I should have jerked off before hand but didn't. It was really really hard to hide my throbbing dick underneath. I don't think they cared, but I was very conscious of it the whole time and so my performance was less than stellar. I've never had a chance again but next time I'll do better!

I got a case of Keystone Light out of it. Man I was cheap back then.

10. I once jerked off using my friend's sister's dirty panties. He walked in on me, we made eye contact and everything but we never discussed it.

11. When I was 16 I was given my 1st oral by my aunts married 40 something best friend when I visited my aunt in Florida for Spring Break.

12. I dvr the Rachael Ray show and masturbate to it when I come home from work.

13. My wife used a strap-on on me and now I want to try the real thing. It's all I think about.

And now, the non-promised photo:


  1. Great (and very naughty) secrets this Friday... AND even better picture. The pic might give me a new secret to share next week. :p

  2. Those sure are some racy secrets! My goodness.

  3. All I know is I'm gonna offer to walk more women home after parties!!

  4. lmao at Ron above !

    Those are some very impressive secrets!

  5. WOW!

    It sounds like Penthouse Forum here!

    Very nice picture. Keep them coming.

    I cannot wait for the next "secret day".

  6. Damn. Some pretty hardcore secrets there.

    "2. I have fantasies about having sex with 2 women at the same time. But I cannot stand the idea of my wife being with anyone else."

    That's why God invented hookers. LOL ;-)

    Hawt pic babe.

  7. That's so weird. The other day I walked this married girl home from a party...

    /never meets girls like that

  8. ...and I thought I had secrets, whew! As to #5, maybe when the catholic/asian school girl loook becomes passe'

  9. I am amazed at how many people are cheating on their spouses.

    #8- That is what child support and alimony are for. Leave his abusive ass. You don't deserve that shit.

  10. Holy Moly. The feds are going to be monitoring this site soon :-p

    Maybe in the next "secrets" post you should have some helpful phone numbers like the abuse hotline and er...cheaters anonymous? lol

  11. After reading #7 I'll continue to offer walks / rides every chance I get.

    I'd love to be #9.

    I wish I was as lucky as #11.

    And I wish I hadn't read #13.


    ETW - you ROCK out loud, baby!!!!

  12. WOWZER! Those are some good ones..I'm talking about the secets that is! As for the cleavage...girl you got it going on!

  13. wow... those really ARE some good ones....

    isnt # 2 a big concern with MOST guys?

  14. What really fun stuff to read! I like "Friday Secrets"...

    Fun stuff.

  15. OMG that's amazing! Wow! The depth of the secret-sharing here is incredible. Excellent blog.

  16. Geeze, after reading all these confessions, I'm contemplating becoming a priest. I mean, nobody needs to know what I'm doing on my side of the confessional.

    #12: And who doesn't?

  17. a lot of secrets and a good view. what more could one ask for. i think we all have secrets.

  18. Love it!
    Sorry I have been reading from my google reader on my phone but havent been able to comment.
    Glad we have FB :)

  19. DANG I sure picked a good post to check in on you!!!
    I'm impressed people are willing to share their dirty little secrets. and those are some damn good ones....

  20. Those are some good secrets. I'll have to think of a few to send you!

  21. Great post!

    As for the pic? Impressive...most impressive!

  22. No question, your life is much more interesting than mine. How did you get all these folks to give you their secrets? Do you suppose they're on the level?