Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Glamorous Week

We had a lovely anniversary evening out. We had dinner at the Japanese Hibachi House. We don't eat there often, but when we do - it is always excellent and this trip was no exception! There is so much food, we had to take 2 carry out boxes of leftovers! Yum!

It was a nice, laid back weekend.

It reminded me of the weekend we got married back in 1993. We got married on a Saturday and spent the night in the honeymoon suite at the Charleston House Holiday Inn.

That was daylight savings time weekend and because of all the festivities and commotion, no one thought to remind us to set our clocks back before we went to bed.

Of course, there was partying and carrying on. We were up late and drank lots. I woke up the next morning and the clock said 7 am, but it was really 6 am. I was really hungry, so I called room service to get 2 orders of the Eggs Benedict.

The lady who answered the phone said, "You want it now?" and I said, "Um, yes." (still thinking it's 7 am. The kitchen didn't open until 7, but they sent our Eggs Benedict platters up right away and it was SO GOOD!

So, now, on every DST weekend, I think about Eggs Benedict. I don't like to make it myself (although I have in the past), so I started looking into who might be serving it on Sunday morning. Bob Evans used to have it on their menu, but I checked online and it wasn't listed.

I think it might have something to do with the eggs being poached (and not cooked as much as recommended) and also, keeping a Hollandaise sauce warm without it breaking is tricky. I didn't get my eggs benedict yesterday.

However, in other news - and knowing how much I like to take pictures of myself and share them here - I was getting in the shower last week (get yer minds outta the gutter!). I turn the water on a bit before I get in so it's warm and I stepped in with my left foot first. My foot slid and the inside of my right calf hit the edge of the tub.

I thought to myself "That's gonna bruise."

However, I had no idea it would puff up into a half egg shaped lump almost immediately and STILL be bruised today....Almost a week later!

And the picture really doesn't do it justice. It looks terrible! I guess I'm glad it's no longer shorts season!

Well, it's Monday and we all know that means the Mart of Wal day. So, I'm over and out to gather our weekly food supplies. Hope y'all have a great one!


  1. That's gonna cycle through a whole series of different colors. Sorta like the Northern Lights.

  2. Bluegrass Kitchen on Washington has eggs benedict. You should never have to go without again!

    Glad you all had a good weekend. That bruise looks awful!

  3. Bob Evans bastes their eggs. They serve them there, but you have to be specific with saying 'baste' rather than 'poached.' Annoying. I always order eggs 'basted softly' because I love a runny egg on sourdough toast.

    The Blue Grass Kitchen on the East End does a very good Eggs Benedict. Granted I know it is a bit of a drive from SA.

  4. glad you had a great anni !!!! Be careful you !

  5. WOW, that is a bad bruise! Did you put ice on it as soon as it happened?

  6. Really? You can't swing a chicken in this town without hitting Eggs Benny on a menu. Odd.

    Thats a whopper of a bruise, musta busted a good sized vein. Hope its not to sore : (

  7. Jeff - I'm nothing if not colorful!

    BB - Thanks for the tip. I think I'll actually attempt it myself. I like my eggs poached longer than the ordinary 5 minutes (more like 7).

    Chez - They used to have Eggs Benedict on the actual menu, though and now, I don't see it listed. I'll keep BGK in mind! Thanks!

    The Girl - I am such a klutz!

    Kenju - No, I didn't ice it because I didn't think it would be that bad. I'm on baby aspirin for a blood clotting disorder, so it makes me "bruisey".

    Powdergirl - And it was only a little "tap" too. Sheesh!

  8. OMG that looks like it hurts!
    Glad you had a great weekend!

    PS I don't think i've ever had eggs benedit before...I will have to look them up and try them out!

  9. Nice shading on that bruise - the work of a master, no doubt!

  10. You'll have to keep us up to date on bruise-watch 2009! I'm sure the colors will be glorious as it heals. Hope you find some Eggs Benedict friendly dives ASAP.

  11. dayum, lady, that is some serious bruising. you shoulda lied and made up some sex-romping story. :P

    ugh, wal-mart, i'm skipping today 'cause i'm sick. i will pray for you! :P lmao.

  12. IHOP has eggs Benedict. I can't vouch for it, but my Dad seems to like it.

    And the leg...ugh, that looks painful!

  13. Thats some ouch! But at least you had an enjoyable time on your anniversary. Yum, eggs benedict. Do you have hollandaise with your EB?

  14. Eggs Benedict, yum! My ultimate favorite breakfast. Like you though, I prefer someone else cook it. Too much work and mess at home.

    Take care of yourself lady!

  15. I've never had eggs benedict. But, I prefer my eggs scrambled. Or over-easy cooked up in bacon grease.

  16. I love Japenese steak houses! One of my favorites. Glad you had a lovely anniversary!

  17. Why not take daily pictures of that beast of a bruise and chart the progress? It's really rather spectacular. If you really gor whacked, you may notice some pooling of extra-venous blood on the bottom of your foot too.

  18. You best be more careful getting in and out of that shower lady!!!!!!!! lol Thanks for stopping by the blog again and the congrats

  19. Glad you had a great anniversary. You both deserve it, and each other.

    I am the queen of klutzes. That bruise is a beaut! My problem is I get them and then have no recollection how it got there! Shut up, I don't drink that much! ;)

  20. Happy anniversary. Your photo below is terrific.

  21. If you’re going to Wal-Mart, be sure to bring your camera! It’s amazing what kind of people you may be able to meet. (I just found the ‘People of Wal-Mart’ site, and am now addicted.)

    Glad you had a great anniversary, and sorry about the lack of Benedict.

  22. Chandra - EB is tricky to do at home. But, very good!

    Tiff - I don't half-ass on anything!

    Ron - Keep posted for more bruise watch!

    mrs m. - It really wasn't too bad yesterday!

    A. - it doesn't hurt, just looks bad. Thanks for the IHOP tip!

    Shiny Rod - I've never attempted Hollandaise at home, but if I get it out, I love the Hollandaise!

    Tamis - Thanks!

    Jay - If I do scrambled, it is *always* with bacon grease! :-) Yum.

    Vinomom - It's a show and a meal, all in one! ;-)

    Brian - Ask and you shall receive. New picture up later today.

    Sabrae - I don't know why it was more slippery that day than others. But, I will be careful!

    The Dish - Sometimes, I get them and have no idea either. It's just such a common thing for me.

    Ginger - it didn't hurt when it happened and it doesn't hurt now (cept to look at it! LOL).

    Paul - Thanks!

    Michelle - We all have our lots in life, huh? ;-)

    Scott - I carry my camera and Flip Ultra (video cam) with me everywhere. I'm just looking for my opportunity! :-)