Monday, November 16, 2009

A Fundamental Difference

It's very evident from a nightstand that men and women are very different.

Behold, the Evil Twin's nightstand:

The handprint plate has Buddy's real name on the bottom, so I had to erase that. It actually looks better in real life, but what can I say? I do the best I can in photoshop or picasa.

Then, we have my nightstand:

Loaded with various lotions. This collection does NOT include my facial products. Those are on my make up table across the room. (sorry, no pic - it's a MESS). Also, I have products I use in the shower. I am one moisturizing mo fo!

I use them all at various times. I can barely walk past the lotion section at a store and NOT buy something. I love them all!

My goal is to have smooth legs and elbows until the day I die.

I also carry cuticle oil in my purse, so I can work on those when I have spare time.

I'd probably be better off dipping myself in a vat of Crisco! LOL.


  1. Oh what a good idea - you should SEE The Boyfriend's nightstand table. I have begged him to clean it off. It is just one massive pile of paper!

    Mine is dusty but relatively neat :) That is quite the collection of lotions!

  2. My goodness!! You need lotion anonymous. I don't have a nightstand. I can't keep an alarm clock where I can turn it off while in bed. I need to walk across the room so I know I am up. However I have a king sized bed and I sleep alone so the remote, my phone and my book end up in bed with me. I guess I would keep those on the nightstand.

  3. I couldn't even tell you took out Buddy's name. Your are a mositureizing fool :) Holy crap, ETW, if I ever decide to sell that stuff for a living, I'll give you a call. You must be softer than a baby's ass.

  4. My night stand is a mess. My clock radio, some kleenex, papers, a flashlight for when the power goes out. A little basket to keep small items in, my backup auxiliary alarm clock, the controls to my electric blanket, some cough drops, my bottled water and dust. ;-)

  5. I bet you keep the fun "stuff" in the drawer right?

  6. Waaaaaaiiiit a minute! How on earth did the remote get on YOUR nightstand and not on the Evil Twins?

    Or does he get the family room remote and you have the bedroom remote? Sort of a joint custody arrangement?

  7. No nightstand. Well at least for now. Lotions in the bedroom are eh, I leave that alone.

  8. Was that a riding crop on the ET's side of the bed??? LOL...

  9. Have you tried Burt's Bees lemon cuticle cream? It's great!

  10. Vinomom - I like lotions! :-)

    Karen - I know! It's bad!

    voyeur36 - that's my favorite. It smells SO good.

    The Girl - LOL! It's like a full time job!

    Jay - I dusted both of these off before photo time! :-)

    Doc - Ahem...yes.

    Brian - It's because I turn on the TV in the mornings and hope that Sissy will let me sleep a bit longer on most days!

    Shiny Rod - These are all for legs, arms, etc. Nothing "fun".

    Tiff - It's really out of hand...

    Ron - No, that's a wooden back scratcher (or bag scratcher as we often call it).

    Blair - I'll have to look for it!

  11. For us it is the shower. My side is full of gels, bubble bath and hair products. Hubby's side has a bar of soap and Head and Shoulders.

    I love to buy lotions but I hate taking the time to apply them...especially when I get out of the shower and it's cold!

  12. Me and the missus also have very different night stands.

    Mine is a mess though with books and magazines and remote controls. I do have a few lotions though. Mainly so that I can rub lotion on my missus rather than actually use it myself!
    Do you ever use the Aveeno stuff?

  13. mine used to look like yours til Baby Fab made her grand arrival! Now, it's all baby stuff!

  14. It is possible you may be flamable lol

  15. you need to seek help for your addiction! I have a similar one. I just found the best new cuticle goop. I try to keep it in my purse but it keeps ending up on my nightstand. I guess that means I need to by a second one to really keep in the purse.

    What is it with men...BORING!

  16. Absolutely! I am so greased down by the time I get into bed, it's a wonder I don't slide right out.

  17. Yeah, I'd kinda like to see the insides of the drawer! lol

    I'm the exact opposite. You have to tie me down to put lotion on me. I've just started using a night cream. And I forget about half the time. Stand next to me when we're old and you'll look double fabulous!!!! ;)

  18. YIKES _ no crisco!! Use olive oil, it's cheaper!

  19. A. - I know, but it only takes a second! :-)

    AC - the Evil Twin hates lotions/oils, so I never get back rubs! So unfair. I have tried some Aveeno products and like them. I sense more lotion shopping in my future.

    Ginger - I need all of it! LOL.

    JFab - It will soon go back to lotions and potions.

    Loni - I wouldn't be surprised if I spontaneously combusted! LOL.

    Tamis - No fair mentioning the great product, but not naming it. We lotion addicts NEED to know what it is!

    Debbie - Me, too! :-)

    RLL - I did a post on what is stored in the cabinet part of the Evil Twin's nightstand a while back...I'll have to find it for you.

    Kenju - Excellent idea! And olive oil smells better too!

  20. @Vinomom - I'm in the same boat. My hubby's dresser consists of very "important" papers and all the receipts of the day. I bought a nice little basket that closes and looks good on the dresser to hide his things like keys, wallet, etc. He lays all that stuff BESIDE the basket instead of inside. Meanwhile my dresser is prestine. The differences.

  21. That is so funny. My nightstand is a clock, a magazine (for a drink coaster), and a lamp. My husbands is magazines....and a clock. But you can't see it through all the issues of The Economist and Consumer Reports!

  22. Was that a riding crop on the ET's side of the bed???

    C'mon Ron. That's an ass-scratcher.