Monday, November 9, 2009

I Know Where You Live

Yesterday, the family attended a reception for some friends of ours who were recently married. They had been engaged, but circumstances caused them to speed up the wedding plans and get married sooner than they had anticipated (and no, not because she got pregnant, because she's not).

Anyway, they didn't have the traditional wedding and reception at the time, so they planned a lovely reception a few weeks after the wedding. It was really nice.

It was at downtown Charleston on the East End, but still in a relatively residential area. However, there is street parking that is public - i.e. any one can park in front of a house unless it's marked off.

So, we found a space, parked and went in to the reception. We had a great time. We spent some time with the newlyweds, ate some delicious food, mixed with the other attendants - the 2 hour event went by in a flash.

When we came out of the building, we saw this:

Funny, huh?

I took loads of pictures and even Buddy got in on the fun by taking shots with his DSi.

We certainly thought so. But, that front pile of leaves was dragged halfway down the street when the Evil Twin pulled out! LOL.

Just for good measure, I noted the house number and did a reverse look up to find out who lived there. Now, who's your bitch?

If you don't want people to park in front of your house, don't live in downtown Charleston where the street fronts belong to the taxpayers (public).

On the way home, Buddy and I continued to take pictures of interesting surroundings - I'll post mine later in the week, but at one point, I asked him, "Do you want to be a budding photographer like Mommy?" And Sissy piped up, "I want to be a buddy, for talking like Mommy!"

In other news, I received a couple more confessions - I'll do that on Friday, so if you have the inclination, you can email me by Friday morning and I'll include your secret/confession on that post. :-)

It's Monday - and that means grocery day, which is my busiest day. I'll be checking blogs as I can. Love you all!


  1. Maybe that neighbor just didn't want you to leaf...

  2. You were at the Women's Club. I live on that block. It is annoying as all shit when the neighbors do that! I was told that they do that because the Garbage Guys actually do a leaf pick up. However, the frustrating part...Trash Day for that block isn't until Tuesday. It is very inconsiderate for the neighbors to do that when majority of the block has off street parking.

  3. It's for the leaf sucker that the city has. It doesn't run with trash day. I don't know if it has a particular schedule. They seem to just roam around and suck up the leaf piles as they see them. Which reminds me I need to blow the leaves out to the curb so they'll suck them up. No curb, no leaf sucker.

  4. Living in the hicks, burning is allowed so that lovely smokey leaf burn smell permiates the air in my neck of the woods this time of year. Mine get mulched and vacummed, then I burn.

  5. It is really interesting that the county picks up the piles of leaves for the residence. However, how did that person expect you to get out without ruining their nice little piles? I don't get it.

  6. I'm so glad you guys came to the reception yesterday. And thanks again for our special gift, we'll soon find out if it works. =)

    That cracks me up that the Evil Twin drove through the leaves when you all left. I've always wanted to drive through the big piles along the streets on the East End and scatter them everywhere, but I've heard horror stories about children getting run over while hiding in the leaves. It freaks me out, which is good news for the people who work so hard to rake the leaves into those nice, neat little piles.

  7. There are a number of houses near where I drop the kids off to school...and they post all sorts of signs on the public road about not parking, no loitering, no turning...all that crap. Of course, those are the exact places where I park/turn/loiter. Why do people act that way? It is taxes pay the damn plow truck to plow their asses out each least I can park there now and then...argh! Good for you on dragging the leaves down the road!

  8. I have a neighbor, who instead of raking and bagging or mowing them he just gets out his leaf blower and blows them all out into the street, kinda like what you had infront of your van...
    I'm surpised the city doesn't say anything to him or to my neighbor. How rude can you be? Public is public.

  9. I've been tempted to drive through one of the big piles of leaves in the streets. How nice that you had an excuse to do it! Ha! :-)

    Honestly, I wouldn't take offense. If that was the only opportunity they had to rake, they had to put them on the street so they'd get picked up.

  10. Our towns leaf vac has no schedule. They show up whenever. Leaves get put to the curb on weekends because there is no time during the week. Especially with it getting dark before anyone gets home.

    It's not like a pile of leaves was going to stop the van anyhow. C'mon up here (western NY) in February and I'll bury your van in snow. THAT's a problem!

  11. I love that you drove through the pile of leaves and scattered them down the street. How did they expect you to get out of there?

  12. Nice Pic. They must have expected you to kick up all those leaves again. Perhaps they were waiting in the bushes taking pictures too! :-)

    I was half expecting there to be a wheelbarrow or concrete post hidden in the leaves. That would be mean!

  13. Wow, some people. I agree, people need to realize the ramifications of where they live and just deal with it - they chose to live there!!

  14. Hee hee hee, that is pretty funny. I wish someone could've taken a picture of the homeowner when they saw their precious leaf pile strewn about.

  15. I'm looking forward to the rest of the pictures, from what I've seen of it, WV is a very beautiful place with lots of gorgeous historical buildings.

    Wonder if they had to rake those leaves back up.

    Love you toooooo...

  16. Warped Mind of Ron cracked me up w/ that first comment.

    Seems like everyone and their mother were outside raking this weekend. I know we were!

  17. Wonder if they've heard the saying "you made your bed, so YOU lie in it"!! Too funny that you drove THROUGH the leaves!!! No confessions here..I'm boring like that! ;)

  18. ROTFLMAO! Good for the Evil Twin! Its not every day I can get to see poetic justice like this...

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