Tuesday, November 3, 2009

National Housewife Day

So, today is National Housewife Day! Who knew I had my own special day?

I have housework to do, so I guess that seems appropriate.

Let's get to today's bruise watch photo, shall we?

Remember, this is from a mere "tap" against the side of the tub. I have a blood clotting disorder and so I take a baby aspirin every day (and no, I don't chew it - I hate orange flavored things - I just throw it down my gullet every day), so that tends to make me more susceptible to bruising - more so than my normal self, which was pretty bad even before the baby aspirin days.

I also wanted to share this picture. It's the view of my drive to the Mart of Wal. I drive by the Kanawha River almost every day. I cross the bridge in the distance to get to the next town over which leads me to the grocery store.

(click to embiggen)

And, I guess that's it for today, from your Hot, Horny, Housewife (which is what the Evil Twin calls me, or just Triple H for short).


  1. Well, a happy housewife day to you!

  2. "Triple H" - I love it!!!! I'll agree with the 1st (based on your pictures), and the last (based on what you've told us), but I suppose I'll just have to ask if your middle-H is an accurrate description???? ;)

    Great picture - what a killer scene...

  3. Triple H ! Love it.
    Happy Housewife Day :)

  4. You took a pic while driving !!!! What a great view. Happy Housewife Day ! Hope you and ET put the Triple H's to use tonight.

  5. happy housewife day to you.. :).. did you know that there was a WWF wrestler named Triple H.. thats what i remember at least.. i hope you don't pile drive your man.. haha.. that bump into the tub looks pretty bad.. does it take really long to heal??

  6. Happy Housewife Day! Let's have cake to celebrate! ;-)

  7. National Housewife Day! There should be dancing in the streets. Celebrations everywhere! Housewifes lifted up on shoulders and cheered for their hard and diligent work. A day that all men should bow at their feet and give homage to the glorious housewife. Ok, a little over the top but still, a day free of kids and housework should be in order.

  8. Happy National Housewife day!! What is the suggested gift for this occasion? Hmmm.... I should write and ask Dear Abbey....

  9. Nice view to have to suffer while driving. Probably the best part of the whole Mart of Wal trip, eh? Do you play bingo while you're there?

    Looks like the bruise is developing a satellite off to the side there . . . what's that above and towards the inner part of your calf?

    Oh - and a belated Happy Anniversary to you and the ET too.

  10. Ouch for the bruise!

    Happy House wifes day.

    And lovely scenic river...for the trip to Mart of Wal!!

    A river is really a pretty thing to drive next to , compared to 3 or 4 lane highways..ugh!

    Did someone say they play Bingo at the Mart of Wal? I did not know that...

  11. Happy Housewife's Day! You Triple H, you! ;)

  12. I had no idea such a day existed for us! I deserve a gift, damn it. :)

  13. Triple H...terrific!

    One question: since you have this blood clotting disorder, has your doc ever talked to you about omega 3 fatty acids as a natural alternative to aspirin?

    Sometimes it's just as good as aspirin and has way less side effects. Just food for thought.

    Maybe it's not an alternative in your case, but it's worth asking, right!?

  14. YAY..another gift buying occasion!! There can never be enough of those. :-)

  15. Funny post. I'll be checking back often for bruise updates. Care to read my hasty tribute to you Stay-At-Home-Moms I'd-Like-To ... well ...I call 'em SAHMILFs. No I don't.

    But I did write something as a tribute. Please to enjoy. http://tinyurl.com/yhd2nbh

    Oh, it's also National Sandwich Day - a food item underappreciated as well, me thinks.

  16. The bruise of horrible! My mom used to bruise like that if you looked at her cross-eyed. Maybe she had the same condition, only undiagnosed.

  17. Nice drive, I always like to cruise alongside the water front.

    Happy Hot Horny Housewifes day!

  18. Ginger - Thanks!

    I'm The Chez - Thanks - there was much housewifery today, too!

    SoLow - I'm like an 18 year old boy. Poor Evil Twin will probably drop dead of a heart attack one of these days...

    Vinomom - He enjoys going places where the Triple H factor is high. LOL.

    The Girl - Yeah, I like to live on the edge like that. :-)

    Nitin - There was (is?) a wrestler that goes by Triple H! LOL. It looks like this one is going to take a while to heal, some bruises heal faster.

    Jay - If I knew you were coming, I'd have baked a cake!

    Shiny Rod - Yep, housewife day should fall on a weekend, so I might actually get a small break!

    Ron - Wine is always appreciated at my house!

    Brian - I've never seen any Bingo playing at our WM, but at my parish church? Hells yeah! Are you talking about the lighter spot? I think that's where my leg made contact with the tub and the whole thing just spread out from there.

    Jan - Yes, I love our river view. No bingo at my WM.

    The Dish - I wouldn't be so horny all the time if he really sucked at the sex business. But, he's really great, so....

    Gigi - An hour or two away from the kids might be in order!

    Ben - Nothing has been mentioned about Omega 3, but I will ask. Thanks for the tip.

    Christine - I ordered myself a new bottle of Coco Chanel (my favorite and I'm almost out. The Evil Twin will learn of his generosity when the package arrives).

    Don - I made sandwiches this morning too (always pack lunch for the Evil Twin). I loved your tribute!

    Kenju - I've always bruised like a tomato, but the aspirin (blood thinner) makes it worse. Yuck.

    Powdergirl - Right back atcha, hot stuff! :-)

  19. Well, well, well

    HAPPY HOUSEWIFE DAY:D This is exciting!

  20. I work at home; does that mean that I can celebrate too? Beautiful drive you get to enjoy!