Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Piss Poor Tooth Fairy

Right before her bedtime last night, Sissy agreed to let me numb her gums and let Daddy try to pull this raggedy old tooth that had been hanging by a thread for several weeks now.

This is the first tooth she has lost and she was very excited about a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

I wrapped it up in tissue paper, then put it in a little baggie so it wouldn't get lost under her pillow.

The Evil Twin has been working from home in the evenings lately and stays up pretty late. I left him in charge of the Tooth Fairying and went on to bed.

When I woke up this morning, I wondered if he had completed his mission. He FORGOT! Oh, it's only her first lost tooth and all...

She was still in bed, so he went in and of course she woke up as he was rifling around under her pillow. He said, "I just came in to check if the Tooth Fairy came to get your tooth." While he was saying that, he slipped the tooth into his robe pocket with one hand and slid the dollar under with the other hand.

She said, "There's money under here!" A whole dollar - let me tell you something - getting visits from the Tooth Fairy is not a "get rich quick" scheme around here.

She had to come and show me immediately. She was beaming.

So, even though the Evil Twin completely botched his job, he had a Hail Mary save with a little "slight of hand".

All's well that ends well, I suppose!

Her other tooth beside the first lost one is also getting pretty wiggly, so maybe the Evil Twin will remember that buck from now on! :-)



  1. Just wait until she figures out she can make a profit by forcibly removing other kids teeth!

  2. I can't even tell you how many times the tooth fairy "ran out of money" before she got to our house and had to come back the next night.

  3. Ha! Been there. As a matter of fact I screwed that up so much that I just told them I was the tooth fairy bring me the teeth and Ill get them the money.

  4. I always forgot. I told Nooze that the Tooth Fairy was in a Turf War with...the Easter Bunny, a leprechaun, Santa Claus...or the wood nymphs that lived outside our house.

    She never believed me.

  5. How's the Evil Twin in remembering important dates, like your birthday, wedding ani., and tax returns?

    You've some scary followers e.g. "Warped Mind of Ron"!

  6. The last time Nicholas lost a tooth I handed him a couple bucks and said, "There is no tooth fairy. You know it and I know it." He was like, "Thanks for the money!"

    I thought we were through but then came Sarah...