Friday, January 20, 2012

A Weird Winter

Typically, I get sick once or twice a year. Sinus/respiratory type thing. After suffering for a week or so, I end up at my doctor's office and walking out with a script for a Z-pack.

But, this winter has been different. Either there is something really wrong with me or I keep getting the same/similar cootie bugs. Today, my stomach has been all hinky and I got next to no sleep last night. I was so tired this morning, I was actually afraid to drive Sissy to school, thinking I may start sawing logs at the wheel, so I convinced her that her cough sounded bad and we should both have a day of rest.

Plus, Whooping Cough is going around here...she has had her immunizations, but no need taking chances, huh?

I'm thinking it might be that I have one in Kindergarten this year. We all know how those small fry are just little germ wagons.

Neither of mine ever had an ear infection until they were 4 and in preschool. They have had one each. (knock on wood I'm not jinxing myself here).

Granted, they didn't go to daycare, but I didn't keep them home constantly either. They both had their fair share of dirty toys in their filthy mitts and if I didn't watch close enough, said filthy toy would go straight into their mouth.

Buddy even tried to eat a ladybug once. And, he ate a kibble of cat food, too.

Around here, the old saying is, "You're not a well rounded child until you've eaten a peck of dirt."

Even Sissy is familiar with the "5-second rule", but ONLY AT HOME. If a grape falls off the lunch tray at school....Oh well, that grape is destined for the trash can or perhaps squashed under someone's shoe. Go ask for an extra grape if you're that hungry!

On top of feeling like crud off and on for the last month or so, my lips are so chapped they feel like onion paper and I think I'm getting a bladder infection (I'm a professional when it comes to the UTI, so I know it from a mile away).

Tomorrow is Buddy's birthday - and as usual, I will haul out my yearly story of his early arrival. He will be 14...I'm not old enough to be his mom, in my opinion. He wants to go to Quaker Steak & Lube and is considering trying the 6lb burger challenge. That thing is more than 3.5 times his own birth weight, but my son can put the food away these days.

We like to tease him about it being our own personal episodes of "Buddy Vs. Food". If Adam Richman ever needs a partner in crime, I've got one for him.

Happy Friday, hooligans! I'll see y'all in the morning! (or whenever the hell I feel like it...that's just how I roll.)



  1. Congrats to Buddy on his 14th!! Woo Hoo!! Oh... by the way who hasn't eaten kibble or a ladybug??? ummm... and I don't mean as a kid, I probably did that last week.

  2. Sorry you're not feeling well, it's got to be those kindergarten petri dish. I went through it with both of mine and they're only two years apart. I hope you feel better soon.

    Happy Birthday, Buddy!

  3. The 6lb burger challenge. I like that kid. Good luck, Buddy and happy B-day.

  4. go for the 6-pounder, man! It's the only time you'll be able to do it and not feel like pounded crap after!!