Friday, January 13, 2012

The Round Up

The kids are off school today for some sort of teacher educational day. It's a good thing, too - we got a brief dusting of snow overnight, so the County would have cancelled school anyway.

Since I knew there was no school, Buddy had a friend stay overnight. It's almost 4 P and I've just now seen them emerge from his room to get snacks and drinks. Those two always stay up super late. No surprise, really. We are night owls, his mom is a night owl, my biological mom and sister are night owls...We come by it honestly.

It's freezing and I haven't even had a shower yet. I think I'll send Buddy downstairs to fetch the mail (he has to earn his keep somehow). I would send Sissy, but the way the Evil Twin mounted the box under the carport, even I - at nearly 5 foot 9 - have to stand on my toes to see what is in the box. (For more info, re-read the always entertaining My Bad Side)

It's supposed to snow a bit more over the weekend, so I guess we'll be house bound. The Evil Twin did not order firewood this year...I hope it's not too late, because the possibility of losing electricity is always on the horizon in weather like this. One might think the electric company would make allowances for snowfall under an inch and no ice, but, they don't.

Anyone interested in buying this house (5BR, 2.5 BA, 2700 sq ft.) so we can move South, feel free to email me. $250K and it's yours! :-)

Enjoy your weekend, hooligans.



  1. Deal!!! Ummm... let me just find my checkbook....

  2. Does that come with a job back in WV for my husband? No? Guess I'm staying in Indiana! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and were able to stay warm.