Thursday, January 26, 2012

Long Week

Well, the Evil Twin is back at work today. He took his pain meds with him in case he has another "episode". He will see our primary care physician next week to get an ultrasound of the kidney in question.

Lucky me, I get to see our primary care physician today for a follow up appointment.

I thought things were bad when Buddy was just a wee baby. He came home from the NICU weighing 3lbs, 12oz. He was almost 7 weeks old at that time. He had at least 2, if not 3, doctor/therapy appointments a week.

It was at this time I started with my anxiety issues. We lived in a different county - a little farther out than this county and all the appointments were in THIS county, so I'd have to get on the interstate and drive a while. (I-64 is also known as "If you make it to your destination alive, you're a lucky SOB".)

I would get so worked up about having my tiny baby in the car on the interstate I consider a death trap, I just lost it one day. Anti-anxiety meds to the rescue - and to this very day - almost 14 years later.

So, today, I get to see the doc, find out how high my blood pressure is (from driving on wet roads) and lord knows what else. I'm so tired, I think I could sleep for a day or two.

If I'm getting a shower today before my appointment, I have to sign off here. I hope all my hooligans have a good Thursday (It's not FRIDAY, yet???).



  1. Have fun with all those Dr visits ;-) And personally driving with a wee baby that size would make me nervous too. Best of luck to the ET on his ultrasound, hope it's nothing.

  2. I've been MIA for most of this week. Sounds like you've had a wild time of it! I hope ET feels better and everything turns out OK with his Kidney. Scary stuff.

    And that your appointment goes well also. Take care of you!