Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random Thoughts

I like to multi-task. When I'm drying my hair, I'm also doing my make up. Except this morning.

We had snow and icy roads today, so school was cancelled. That meant I didn't need to leave the house and decided to forgo the make up ritual.

Well, I can't just be drying my hair, so I looked around and saw a basket of socks that needed matched and folded. Matching was pretty easy. Folding pairs together required a little more manual dexterity, but at least my hair was dry and socks were folded.

The hardest part was putting the socks in the drawer as I was limited to the length of the dryer cord to move around.

That got me to thinking about the hair dryer my mom had when I was a little shitball. You'd probably have to be my age or older to remember these models.

This one is really similar to the one my mom had:

Not really the ideal device to multi-task. But, then I thought... Someone should invent just the cap deal that delivers hot air, so you're free to walk around and do other things. I figure when the hair is to the damp-dry stage, you could move on to the regular dryer and a brush for styling!

I should totally patent this!

I hope my hooligans are having a very happy New Year and an awesome Tuesday.



  1. I remember my mom having something similar to that.

  2. My mother had that EXACT hair dryer. I remember her setting my hair in 'pin curls' to style it until I was about 10 years old. Talk about a blast from the past!

  3. Isn't dangerous drying your hair and putting on your make up simultaneously. What would happen if you werte confused and dried your face and powdered your hair?

    Your mum's hairdryer made her feel she was having an expensive perm with out the hassle. Just update it and you'll make a pile.

  4. I'm confused as to how anyone can match socks and do anything else at the same time. Doesn't that require two hands?

  5. I don't have hair. :( it makes me jealous of black men who have mighty afros.