Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Need A Miracle

To get all the crap done around here that I would like to do. Perhaps I can catch up a bit this weekend.

It's looking like "Wordless Thursday" around these here parts.

Oh, I have some interesting chores and errands for later....those usually pan out to be awesome blog fodder. Because, really? Humanity? It's scary and full of the whole "What Not To Wear" vibe.

Thank goodness I travel with my whole video team (ME).

Some things are not worth my time, but if I had seen this, you KNOW I would have to document it.

Hope you hooligans have a great Thursday!

Love ya,


  1. WTH? Is she not wearing a shirt? Is it a she?

  2. I had to look twice. I thought it was someone I knew.

  3. She's just trying to be environmentally green. Why waste precious resources on a Mumu when you can cover all of the (okay, most of the) ugly parts with pants?